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UNO CNC & Automation is a combination of two departments: UNO CNC and UNO Automation. UNO CNC & Automation started from building and retrofiting of automatic production line, our clients include some of the most respected manufacturers of mobilephone, TV, computer in China, like Hisense, Foxconn, Konka, etc.
After the concept of 'machine tool structure' (or machine tool frame / machine tool body) became popular, UNO CNC & Automation started to build our own CNC machines in Kunming, Shenzhen and Dongguan. With rich experience in electrical engineering and mechanical structure, UNO CNC & Automation has been fortunate to get involved in the fast growing of CNC industry.
1. UNO CNC is based on the the biggest machine tool frame manufacturing base, Taizheng Machine Tool Frame Union and Smartech Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd., who supply OEM frame solutions for over 20 countries in the world.
2. The concept of 'Detailed Division Of Labor' is implemented throughly in the structure of our frame union and the process of machine tool frame (structure) production, all the process are devided into standard work steps and implemented by independent and collaborative teams, who is responsible for the result of their own step, and responsible to the acceptance of next procedure. All the results of each small steps could be easily tracked in the future, so that help to achieve our quality today ;
2. Castings of UNO CNC outsourced from the best foundry of South China, who supplies also for world-famous CNC manufacturer of Europe, Japan and America;
3. Castings of UNO CNC machined by top brand equipments:
1) Double column machining centers and universal bed mills from Nicolas Correa (Spain);
2) Bridge type grinding machine from Favretto (Italy) ;
3) Horizontal machining centers from DMG (Germany).
4. Accuracy tested strictly according to GB/JB national standard (equivalent to ISO), with internal accuracy standard of UNO CNC higher than ISO. The accuracy report will be sent to clients before delivery from factory. All the measuring equipments are from top brands :
1) Three-coordinates measuring machines ;
2) Straightness measuring equipments ;
3) Laser interferometers ;
4) Dynamical balance testing equipments ;
5) Ballbar testing equipments.
5. A wide range of UNO CNC products, covering vertical machining center, horizontal machineing center, drilling and taping machine, engraving machine, bridge type machining center, turning machine, grinding machine, boring machine, conventional machines, etc
6. Good support from most of the major component suppliers of world-leading levels: Germany Rexroth, Germany R+W, Germany INA, German FAG, Germany ZF, Spanish Korta, Spanish Ipiranga, Japan NSK, Japan THK, Taiwan Hiwin, Taiwan PMI, Taiwan Royal, Taiwan Posa, Taiwan Spinture, Taiwan Spinder, Taiwan Detron, Taiwan Parkson, Taiwan GSA, Taiwan Tanshing, Taiwan Deta, Taiwan Poju (S&Y), Taiwan Chen Sound, Taiwan Keyarrow, American Pioneer, American Timken, Sino-American Byjur (JV), Sino-Japanese Nika Yoki (Herg), etc.
7. With a large quantity of castings ready for production, UNO CNC and Automation can respond quickly to your requirements. For popular models we could deliver within 7-20 days.CNC Vertical Machine Center