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MPP power pipe adopts modified polypropylene as the main raw material. It does not need to dredge, dig up and destroy the road surface, and lay pipelines, cables and other construction projects in special sections such as roads, railways, buildings and river beds. Compared with the traditional "digging method, trenchless pipe engineering more adapted to the requirements of environmental protection, because the traditional construction caused by the removal of dust, traffic congestion and other disturbing factors, this technology can also be unable to carry out excavation work in laying pipelines, such as Heritage Conservation District, downtown, and crops farmland protection areas, highways, rivers etc..
1.MPP power pipe has excellent electrical insulation.
2.The long term use temperature of MPP power tube -5~70鈩?
3.The tensile and compressive properties of MPP power pipe are higher than that of HDPE.
4.The MPP power pipe has high thermal deformation temperature and low temperature impact performance.
5.MPP power pipe light, smooth, small friction force, hot welding butt butt.
Application Range:
MPP power pipe can be widely used in municipal, telecommunications, electric power, gas, tap water, heat and other pipeline projects.
MPP power pipe urban and rural non - excavation horizontal directional drilling engineering, and the excavation of electric power pipe.
MPP power pipe urban and rural non - excavation horizontal directional drilling sewage discharge pipe project. Industrial wastewater discharge engineering.
Inner Diameter (mm)Wall Thickness (mm)
Ring Stiffness 3%
Technical Index
Density g/cm鲁0.91-0.95
Coefficient of sliding fricion鈮?50
Drop hammer impact test 20mm, 3kg, 2m9/10 Qualified
Ring-chip thermal compression force KN
Nominal wall thickness鈮?.8KN鈮?.0
Main applicationHigh voltage power transmission,Power
MaterialMPP,Modified polypropylene
StandardISO4427, EN12201,AS4130, GB/T13663,DIN8074
Size (DN)110MM-315MM
ColorOrange or red
Length6m/pc,12m/pc or Customized
Lifespanmore that 50 years life under normal conditions
Packagestandard exported packing
Connection modeElectrofusion and Thermofuse
Flat test (D/2, -5 掳 C)Not broken
Bending strength (23卤2) 掳C Mpa鈮?4.0
Density g/cm30.91-0.95MPP Pipe suppliers