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Logistics cargo trolley is a common means of transportation in the transportation of goods. In the transportation, they protect the safety of materials inside, on the other hand, the sorted and equipped products will not be disordered. Loading and unloading is very labor-saving; Casters are usually designed as two directional casters and two universal casters to facilitate manual implementation. The logistics cargo trolley can load a weight of 500kg.
dimension715*825*1730mm Customizable
loading capacity300-500kg
applicationtransport and storage
casters4 casters
If you are interested in our products, please contact us.
1. Please send the required drawings and size requirements. The style and size are customizable.
2. Except for the products in stock, the delivery time is 15-20 days.
3. It is acceptable to send samples if there was inventory.China Other Logistics Equipment