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Technical Specification
1.1 Front end of the Transporter is equipped with drawbar eye and landing legs.
1.2 Axle of the transporter doesn鈥?/span>t turn direction; the direction is turned through the direction change of the tractor and the turning between the gooseneck and fifth wheel.
1.3 The Electrical system is required to be shockproof, antimagnetic, damp-proof and work steadily in -20锝?500C environment.
1.4 Brake light and turn light are installed.
1.5 The hydraulic gooseneck is separable; the tractor can be connected and disconnected with the transporter quickly through the C-shaped hook of the hydraulic gooseneck. The transporter apply load to the fifth wheel of the tractor through the oil cylinder of the gooseneck.
2.1 Steering System
The tractor turns its direction to form an angel with the hydraulic gooseneck and thereby change the direction of the transporter. The minimum outside turning radius is no larger than 13m (including the tractor).
2.2 Axle, Suspension and Tire
Except the tractor, the transporter is equipped with 3 sets of load-bearing axles and 16 tires; the tire model is 12.00-20 solid tires. Each axle is equipped with service brake and parking brake. A single axle's load capacity is 29t.Metallurgical Frame Transporter manufacturers