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NameDisposable Vinyl Gloves Clear Color
ColorClear, Blue, Black
FeatureClear, dust free, water free, oil free, good tensile etc
UsageCatering, cleaning, household, medical, etc

1. Non-toxic, DOP free, no color difference, no impurities, no right or left hand, easy to wear and use,
2. Free from latex proteins, good alternative for those suffering from allergies
3. Suitable for food handling, except for fatty food.
4.Good fit, feel, performance and tensile.
5. Practical barrier for wide range of applications.
Wearing Direction:
1. Trim your nails before wearing, long or sharp nails can make gloves broken.
2. Please use finger belly to wear, avoid gloves from slipping off.
3. When take off gloves, turn over gloves at the wrist, and release it at the sale Disposable Vinyl Gloves