About BST
As a joint venture factory, BeSure Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded by senior experts who had devoted themselves into Pulp Molding Industry R&D and practice for more than 20 years. It is a manufacturing enterprise which has the most complete and comprehensive technology strength in machinery and mold of Pulp Molding Industry in China so far.
-BST is the 1st Listed company of China pulp molding machine manufacturers;has set up branch comany-BeSure India.
-An international company powered by China-Europe technical cooperation with R & D center in Europe.
-Staff: about 170 employees, including 48 R&D staff, 2 overseas engineers, 3 doctors and 8 masters.Core technical staff has been engaged in pulp molding industry for more than 20 years.
-Floor space: 38000銕?with the comprehensive capabilities of making, installation, testing and training thanks to our advanced processing equipments and strong manufacturing team.
-BST founder is one of the drafters of Chinese pulp molding equipments industry standards.
-Company philosophies: Harmonious & Honest, Creative & Dedicated, Cooperative & Win-Win.
Our Products
1.Automatic Egg Tray Production Line
2.Automatic Egg Carton Production Line with Automatic Hot Pressing System and Labeling System
3.Automatic Food Container Production Line
4.Automatic Retail Packaging Production Line
5.Automatic Molded Pulp Packaging Production Line
6.Automatic Medical Pulp Production Line
7.Molded Pulp Molds
8.Molded Pulp Products
Product Application
Animal husbandry: egg tray, egg carton, etc.
Agriculture: fruit tray, seeding cup, flower pot, etc.
Automobile: the packages of hub, headlight and auto parts, etc.
Home Appliance: the packages of TV, air conditioner, fan and water dispenser, etc.
Ceramics: the packages of craft and architectural ceramics, etc.
Hardware: the packages of tools, etc.
Medical: urinal, bedpan and emesis basin, etc.
Commodity: the packages of cosmetics and ornament, etc.
Catering: plate, soup bowl, meal box, cake dishware and BBQ dish, etc.
Apparel & shoes and hats: lining, shoes box, apparel box and clothes rack, etc.
Digital products: the packages of cell phone, camera, smart watch and glasses, etc.
Food & beverage: tea-candy, wine rack and box, and refrigerated and frozen food tray, etc.
Our Certificate
-High-tech enterprise awarded by Ministry of Science and Technology.
-ISO9001 certified company.
-50 patents for utility models, 5 patents for inventions,and 3 copyrights.
-10 CE certificates covering all machines, CU-TR certificate for hot pressing machine,CSA certificate for egg carton prodcuction line.
-IMFA member, China Packaging Association Vice-president Unit, Guangdong Packaging Technology -Association Vice-president Unit, Foshan Nanhai Machinery Equipment Association Member.
-Credible and Reputed Enterprise awarded by State Bureau for Industrial and Commercial Administration.
Production Market
Serving more than 400 customers all around the world covering over 60 countries.Most of them are from the UA, Canada, France, the UK, Poland,Russia, Malaysia, India,Thailand, Mexico, South Africa etc.The requirement of customer are mostly: pulp molded egg carton production line, pulp molded egg tray/ fruit tray production line, pulp molded tableware production line.
Our Service
Pre-Sales Service: Industry analysis;Project positioning; Development planning; Investment proposal (equipment selection, price, flowchart, layout and so on.);Return on investment analysis;Sales Model;Production management model.
Sale Service:Equipment manufacture;Equipment delivery;Installation and commissioning;Training;
After-Sales Service:Life-long service, sustainable supply and upgrade of parts and components.
One-year warranty for the whole line(three-year warranty for mechanical parts and main structure).
6 Service Centers in North America, Middle&South America, Europe, Africa, Russia,Asia Pacific to provide local sales consulting and after-sales service.buy Molded Pulp Cup Production Line