Mo Ya was so curious that he couldn't help looking at it secretly. "Chopsticks are for eating," he said softly. "They can also be used for divination? Cheng Yi, how can you do everything? Cheng Xuan smiled, "I just rely on divination to eat, and I can only do this." Cheng Kui raised his eyes to look at Mo Ya and continued, "Bamboo chopsticks divination uses the Da Yan method. The orthodox Da Yan uses the Yancao method, also known as the Da Yan method.". You can't find it at hand at any time. You can also use bamboo sticks and chopsticks instead. As soon as I see this bamboo chopstick, I want to make a divination. "Oh?" Mo Ya wondered, "What do you want?" Cheng Kui smiled angrily, "you will know very well." Cheng Kui counted out the chopsticks according to Shaoyin, Shaoyang silently wrote down, every three times to get a line, even six lines, the hexagram is completed. When Mo Ya saw that Cheng Kui was just watching, he didn't even make a record. He exclaimed, "God woman, just now you played eighteen times in a row, and you remembered it in your heart?"? Can't remember wrong? Cheng Kui did not look up: "There are so many people on the body, don't you remember clearly that you can't make mistakes with your eyes closed?" "That's true." Mo teeth show a little proud, "more than eight hundred, I can recite upside down.." "I have divined a tripod." Cheng Kui interrupted. Tripod hexagram? What is the tripod? Mo Ya blinked. "After a long separation, they will be United. The tripod divinatory symbol refers to the separation of the lower and upper tripods." Cheng Kui put away the bamboo chopsticks on the table. "This is the wind. Go southwest.". Xiao's ancestral temple is in the southwest corner of Yueyang. Isn't that right? "Yes.." Mo Ya nodded,stainless steel tube 304, "what you just divined is.." "What I predict is whether the fifth brother can meet his mother and son again." Cheng Kui stuffed the bamboo chopsticks into the tube. "The image of the hexagram refers to the southwest, showing a trend of reunion after a long separation.". Moya, tonight.. Xiao Fei should be there. "Huh?" Mo Ya smacked his tongue. "I didn't tell her …" "How?" Cheng Yi thumped Mo Ya's elbow, "you are peerless clever, perhaps inadvertently which words touched Xiao Fei's heart, you did not notice, but she listened to it." Otherwise, how can I say you are awesome? Mo Ya loved to hear this, and his body seemed to ascend to heaven. Mo Ya suddenly woke up with a start. He patted his thigh and said,Precision Welded pipes, "But it's getting dark, and the people in the palace can't stay outside for a long time." Is there still time to take your fifth brother there? "So.." Cheng Kui stood up, "I can't eat the elbow, I'll go to the nunnery to leave Xiao Fei, you.." Take Brother Five there.. "Huh?" Mo Ya tiger body a shock, "why not upside down?"? How can I persuade that donkey? He's your fifth brother, and you have to go with him. Because you.. Brilliant! Seeing that Cheng Kui had already waved his arms and walked far away, people who did not know thought that they had abandoned the table and left in order to grab the elbow. Mo Ya chased out a few steps, shouting at the bartender, "help me wrap up this elbow, I'll take it later.." Outside the restaurant, Cheng Yi has turned into the alley under the cover of darkness, Mo Ya stamped his feet angrily, Mu Ling did not want to disturb his mother, he could not knock out a mighty trainer and drag half of Yueyang city.. Difficult, side impact beams ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, really too difficult. Seeing that it was not early, Mo Ya turned his head angrily and ran to the old house. Yueyang city, nunnery Seeing his master stroking his mother's memorial tablet and murmuring in his mouth, Fuduo did not approach her. She stood humbly half a foot away from Xiao Fei. The maid who had stayed in the palace for decades also knew some stories about her master. Shu Nu was favored overnight and pregnant with a dragon heir. Fuduo was also a native of Shu, with a humble status. She had been in the palace for many years as a servant in Xinzheku, doing the hardest and most grinding work. Xiao Cai-nu gave birth to a prince with difficulty. Emperor Wu took pity on her and chose some capable people from the Shu palace to serve in the Pearl and Jade Palace. The slaves of Shu found life overnight, and they all cheered. Fuduo was born in the barbarian land of Bashu, and her ancestors also had barbarian blood. Xiao Fei relied heavily on her because of this, and chose her to be her personal maid. Shu people were tough and loyal. Fuduo was loyal, and Xin Zheku had cultivated a delicate heart for many years. The master and servant supported each other and grew up with Mu Ling in the Pearl Palace. Xiao Fei is not only a master, but also a relative to Fuduo. Fuduo knew that the people of Shu were humble in the throne of Qi, and if they hadn't been Xiao Fei's maidservant, they would have died of exhaustion in the dark Xin Zhe Ku.
In the palace for so many years, Fuduo also heard a few rumors of twins, but she never took it to heart, and would not go to the master's mouth to explore what, serving Xiao Fei these years, her green eyes always hide sadness, even if the son became the crown prince, the sadness in her eyes did not fade away a lot. In the year of the great drought, the disaster was the most serious in Sichuan. When Xiao Fei got the news that her people were going to starve to death, she asked the Chamberlain to sell her jewelry for money and silver to send to her hometown. But at that time, Xiao Fei was severely suppressed by De Fei. Even if Fu Duo was smart enough to mediate and find a way, few Chamberlain dared to help Zhu Cui Palace. After several turnover, when the silver was sent to Shu, it was already a family of loess. Since then, Xiao Feiyan, only … Mu Ling, the only son, is a relative. Seeing Xiao Fei wiping the memorial tablet and reluctant to put it down, Fuduo looked back at the sky several times, urging her to bite her lip and swallow it. Finally on the clouds, Xu Shi is coming, after Xu Shi back to the palace will inevitably alarm others, Xiao Fei today's status need not worry a lot, but Fuduo know the truth of low-key success. Fuduo waited a little longer and whispered, "Empress, it's getting late. We should go back to the palace.." Concubine Xiao reluctantly put back the memorial tablet in her hand and said in a trance, "The prince quietly took Xiu'er's memorial tablet. Have you decided to put it down?"? He is the most sensible and proper child, and he has always been.. "Yes, of course." Fuduo held Xiao Fei's wrist and echoed, "The maidservant watched the prince grow up. His face was cold and his heart was warm. He valued affection and knew the general situation. The prince had decided to put down the past. Empress, you.." Also want to put down those old things, the heart is broad, in order to be healthy. If you keep the moon open and see the moon bright, there will be happy days in the future. "Is that true?" Xiao Fei looked back at the flickering candlelight, "Fuduo, is that really the case?" Outside the nunnery In the corner outside the small nunnery, Cheng Kui held the wall and gasped for breath. My sister-in-law was diligent and thrifty, and it was only a private ancestral hall. No one went in or out at night,side impact door beams, and there were no lanterns outside the nunnery. Tonight, there were two lanterns outside the wooden door, shaking and reflecting.