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How to choose good quality porcelain wood tiles ?
Look: There are no two leaves exactly the same in the world, choose the good tiles and buy, you can choose the high-end wood tiles as far as possible less surfaces of repeat faces, in order to achieve real results. High-end wood grain porcelain floor tile in a sitting room will not have two duplicate, large spaces also can achieve the effect of natural wood.
Touch: Wood grain porcelain floor tile not only to see the surface, still need to touch. The surface of high-end wood grain has the bump texture of log, the grain details such as tree ring and wood eye into wood.
Info: Hd digital inkjet printing is the latest ceramic technology, which works in the same way as printing patterns with color printers, except that the paper is replaced with tiles. High end wood grain porcelain tile is printed with high - definition inkjet printing technology surface texture, texture is pretty clear and realistic.
Product Parameter
Product Name Wood grain porcelain floor tile
Model 6G015
Material porcelain
Size 150X600mm
Thickness 9.5卤0.5mm
Water Absorption rate 锛?.5% porcelain wood tiles
Surface Treatment Glazed Matt Finished
Design Rectangle Birch Wood Lookwood tile
Color Brown
Pcs per Box 11
Sqm per Pcs 0.09
Sqm per Box 0.99
Weight per Box 19.5kgs
Feature Acid-Resistant, Antibacterial, Firebrick, Heat Insulation, Non Slip, Wear-Resistant
Rectified Yes
Area of use indoor, outdoor, residential, commercial, wall and floor, bathroom, livingroom, etc.

Porcelain Wood Tile