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Chen Qinghe and Tao Xinglai stood beside Lu Xiaoxiao. One left and one right, they began to twist their hips and shake their hips. They stretched their hands up and patted three times in a row. Then they put their hands on their hips and shook their chests crazily. After shaking, they put their left hands on their right hands and jumped around in circles. At the end of the turn, there was a loud "Oh-hey-!" Perfect ending. Lu Xiaoxiao was almost knocked off the high chair by their cry. His head was sweating, he gnashed his teeth and shouted in a low voice, "I *** your mother, I read love poems and sing love songs, what kind of Paso doble do you dance?!" Zhou Qiao has been tossed blind by this battle. Lu Xiaoxiao lost his guitar, shook off the microphone, and walked down the broken pot. Zhou Qiao stepped back step by step and reflexively swung the pump standing in the doorway. Are you trying to hit me? Lu Xiaoxiao threw caution to the wind at the moment, the heart fire is difficult to defeat the momentum pressure. No, don't come any closer. Zhou Qiao is a little flustered, "have a word to say well." "I don't want to say, you hit here." Lu Xiaoxiao pointed to his temple, "it's best to kill him. If you can't kill him, you'll wait to raise me for a lifetime." “……” Scoundrel is also a crime, big brother. Lu Xiaoxiao is tall, the shape of the eyes is also long and narrow, a little commanding sharp convergence, really a bit of a person. Zhou Qiao's eyes were light, but the emotions inside could not be hidden. She shook her lips and opened her mouth, "Brother Lu." "Who's going to be your brother?" Lu Xiaoxiao's voice was cold, and he crumpled the A4 paper in his hand into a fist. "Just say it, what kind of man do you like?" “……” "I dare say I like everyone except me,wire nail machine manufacturers, and I'll strangle you." Lu Haoxiao is very experienced, and he banned the little girl's routine speech first. After a while, Zhou Qiao gave a very reasonable answer, "I want to take the postgraduate entrance examination." "Don't people who take part in the postgraduate entrance examination talk about their partners?" "I'm afraid of being distracted." "You're not paying much attention right now." Zhou Qiao choked for a moment. Lu Xiaoxiao took out the posture of negotiation on his desk to deal with his girl, which showed how annoyed he was. He rubbed his hair irritably and said dejectedly, "Let me tell you something. I've seen a lot of women, young, amorous and capable, but I haven't liked any of them seriously." Zhou Qiao looked at him with the eyes that you are a monster. "Don't ask me why,Nail machine manufacturer," Lu continued. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I'd rather watch A | V than go to sleep with a woman." When Zhou Qiao heard this, he coughed spontaneously and did not breathe for a long time. Lu Xiaoxiao looked depressed, "why do I like you?"? Because you let me have a sense of belonging, saved my life in the swimming pool, and taught me to swim. No matter what topic we can talk about together, when we are with you, we want to move a case of beer and fry a pot of chicken wings, recite poems and see the snow and the moon until dawn. “……” Where are you going to see the snow in the dog days of summer. Lu Xiaoxiao saw that she was not moved, upset to stretch out his index finger, to Zhou Qiao's shoulder mercilessly a poke, "you pity me can not ah!" As soon as Zhou Qiao was stunned, he saw Lu Xiaoxiao suddenly squatting on the ground, hugging his knees and burying his face in it, saying a word in a muffled voice. She didn't hear clearly. "What did you say?" Chen Qinghe, who had been silent in the back, could not bear to answer for him, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,iron nail machine, "Xiao said, please." Zhou Qiao's hands hung down to her sides, and the pain in her shoulders seemed to cut a hole in her body. Lu Humble Xiao maintains the posture which hugs oneself not to move, looks huge lump, strange pitiful. Chen Qinghe could not bear to look at it any longer, so he came over and pushed Zhou Qiao aside and said earnestly: "Humble Xiao and I grew up together, wearing open crotch pants, he has a very good character, no matter men or women, good temper to everyone.". It is because he is the same to everyone, so I seldom see him out of control. Yeah, he didn't go after women fair and square, so there are certain behaviors that make you uncomfortable. Chen Qinghe paused for a moment and waited for Zhou Qiao to digest slowly. Of course, we can't use this as an excuse to force you to accept, but as a brother, I have to help him explain, even if you don't like it, don't be disgusted. If you don't like it, you can continue to pursue it, but if you are disgusted, there is really no hope.
Zhou Qiao lowered his head slowly, and Chen Qinghe saw her fingers picking at the hem of her clothes, which showed that she was also hesitating. He raised his eyebrows, followed up the victory and pushed people to Lu Xiaoxiao. "Hey, although he is a little naive, he treats people very sincerely." Hearing this, Lu Xiaoxiao raised his head unwillingly and said, "You are childish!" As soon as he looked up, Zhou Qiao found that his eyes were red. Oh, my God, why are you crying?! That's a sin. Zhou Qiao twisted her eyebrows, feeling so guilty that she had no time to think about it, and went over and squatted beside him. As soon as he saw the play, Lu Xiaoxiao hurriedly moved closer to her and looked at her with red eyes. Zhou Qiao weighed his words and spoke carefully, "I'm sorry, my attitude hurt you." Lu Xiaoxiao withered the corner of his eyes and answered, "Well." Zhou Qiao whispered, "The postgraduate entrance examination is on the one hand, and fear is on the other." Hearing that she began to reveal her heart, Lu Xiaoxiao moved slightly. I have never been in love, and I always feel that this is something that can be met but not sought. Anyway, I have been here alone for so many years, and I am quite used to it. Lu Xiaoxiao even breathed lightly, trembling out of a distressed nasal voice, "well." "You've seen things in my family. My parents' relationship has not been very good. Anyway, as long as I can remember, quarrels and fights have never stopped." Zhou Qiao picks her fingertips, she is still not used to complaining, growing environment has long shaped her introverted character, even if all insight is clear, can also cover up the bottom of her heart quietly. Brother Lu, I'm really happy to live with you and Aunt Qi. Zhou Qiao is no longer restrained and chooses to obey her heart. She said, "It is irrational to agree and refuse rashly. You give me time to think about it seriously." Lu Xiaoxiao's heart is almost cool,Nail machine supplier, but he still calmly and self-controlled his noble head, "Oh." After saying this, Zhou Qiao felt so relieved that he reached out his hand and gently pressed it on the corner of his eye.