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ZX Anilox Cylinder Cleaning Machine
鈼廇dopting precision screw mechanism with adjustable up and down, Japan advanced zoom lens, Taiwan CCD camera, PHILIPS high definition LCD.
鈼廝recision linear guide rail, the motor drives the ball screw to position left and right, and the cylinder locks the plate after aligning the plate to ensure the accuracy of the plate.
鈼廡he camera can be adjusted in all directions, the parallelism is adjustable, the platen precision is high, and the color registration is accurate.
鈼廠leeve type plate roll can be used.
鈼廞uickly paste, easy to operate, and greatly improve work efficiency.
鈼廠uitable for flexo plate, resin plate and other graphic printing.
Main Technica鈼廝arameters
Model Max. Cylinder length Max. repeat length Measurement
(Lx W x H) Weight
ZX-320 320mm 800mm 920X600X1650(mm) 160kgs
ZX-650 650mm 800mm 1050X600X1650(mm) 200kgs
ZX-1000 1000mm 1200mm 1500X600X1650(mm) 280kgs
ZX-1200 1200mm 1200mm 1700X600X1650(mm) 320kgs
ZX-1300 1300mm 1200mm 1800X700X1650(mm) 340kgs
ZX-1500 1500mm 1200mm 2100X700X1650(mm) 400kgs
ZX-1800 1800mm 2400mm 2400X700X1650(mm) 460kgs
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