12 Kw Water Circulation Mold Temperature Controller 40C to 120 C
1. Adopt imported temperature control unit, with automatic calculates and control, water temperature control precision in 1℃, PIC programming control, which enables easy and visual operation.
2. Branded key features, low energy pump, endurable, low in noise, little vibration, temp. control range in 40-180℃。
3. Heating and cooling fast, accurate temperature stability, dual-heating design suitable for different case.
4. Medium circulation pipe with uniform heating, antiseptic treatment and used in long processing.
5. Automatic exhaust function, mold water recovery temperature checklist, safety protection and perfect indication system in faulty.
6. This series of products are widely used in Plastic Molding, Light Guide casting, Rubber tire, Wheel, Chemical Reactors, Adhesive, mixer and other industries, which can improve the molding efficiency of the products, reduced production of defective goods, improve product appearance, control flawed products, speed up the production schedule, reduce energy consumption and save energy.
7. Unit design has a full intelligent control system and non-stop running within 24 hours.China water temperature controller