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Endless time in front of Ningcheng is like a passing cloud flowing backwards. Ningcheng's heart is shaking wildly. This is the magical power of reincarnation. This magical power is not aimed at him. If it was aimed at him, he would have fallen into it. Almost at the same time, the overwhelming blue lotus mango rolled down, that blue lotus mango has not completely fallen, Ningcheng felt the reincarnation of the magic power in the weakening. Ningcheng changed his attention at the moment when he almost offered up the broken finger, and he offered up the six bridges in front of the seven bridges. Helpless Bridge, Wangxiang Bridge, Forgetful River Bridge, Huangquan Bridge, Death Bridge, Bian Bridge.. What Ningcheng and Kui did not expect was that as soon as the six bridges were sacrificed, they formed a rolling rhyme. That kind of overwhelming atmosphere of heaven and earth road, as if the beginning of chaos exploded in general rolling down. The grand and vast road of heaven and earth is derived from the seven bridges. At this moment, the universe is originating. No, at this moment, the universe is gathering. Heaven and earth come from chaos, all rules are slowly derived, and the derived rules are slowly gathering. To seek eternal life in this body, There are seven bridges in the underworld! Helpless, look at the hometown,ultrasonic spray nozzle, forget the river and the afterlife. There is no good or evil in the boundless afterlife, and the body on the bridge of death turns into dust. When the magnificent Six Bridges rhyme was about to be cut off on the other side of the bridge, a reincarnation rhyme was suddenly derived from the middle again. The reincarnation rhyme instantly turned into the supernatural power of reincarnation, and a reincarnation bridge and the six bridges in front of it continued. The rhyme of Tao not only begins to continue, but also becomes more and more majestic. The flow of the supernatural power of reincarnation turns again, and the years begin to pass crazily again. Want to return to the other shore and reincarnation, once into this bridge and never return. Never return,ultrasonic dispersing machine, never return.. All the lives between heaven and earth, all the creatures between heaven and earth are controlled by the seven bridges at this moment, all return to chaos at this moment, and all perish in chaos at this moment. Seeing everything in front of him, Ningcheng was so dull that he did not expect the seven bridges to merge together in such a terrible way. This is because he did not control the seventh bridge, but with the help of the supernatural power of reincarnation. If he can control the seventh bridge, how terrible is the fusion of the magical powers of the seven bridges? Before that can be such a woman, at this time was temporarily trapped by the Seven Bridges Avatar. When the wind blows, the sea of blood is born. Fog shrouds, the Yellow River roars, the millstone rolls, the other shore disappears, reincarnation looms.. Such a horrible seven bridge fusion magical power, the woman's blue lotus light can still come and go. Ningcheng quickly reacted that he had to urge his seven-bridge magic power at the first time. Otherwise, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, there is a good chance that this woman will tear seven bridges and rush out. Seven bridge magical power completely urged up, Ningcheng once again a finger blast out, break the finger. The woman was temporarily trapped by the seven bridges, so she didn't believe that she couldn't be hurt. Breaking refers to breaking through the void and eliminating all obstacles between heaven and earth. Boom! This finger finally tore the light of the green lotus and blasted it in. At the same time, a more twisted purple knife awn split down. Whether Ningcheng or Kui, at this time there is no half of the idea of mercy and mercy. A dull hum came, the blue lotus light rolled out, and then the seven bridges were broken. The rhyme of heaven and earth disappeared, and the blue lotus light rolled up the figure of the woman and disappeared in an instant. Come on, this woman loves her body. This time she accidentally caught the road and would not catch up for a while. When she reacts, she's sure to come after her again. He wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and said quickly. Needless to say, Ningcheng also knew that he had to go quickly. As expected, the woman did not continue to kill the two men. The two men rushed into the sea of Jialiang, and then entered the tomb of the God of Heaven and Earth. That's all for today's update. Good night, friends! If you have a monthly ticket, please support a monthly ticket, thank you!) ...... Chapter 1318 a strange place. "I didn't expect you to have the six bridges in front of the seven bridges. When the seven bridges merge, that's the real great reincarnation." As soon as he arrived at the tomb of the God of Heaven and Earth, he said, "I didn't finish what I said before. Do you know why the reincarnation in the Seven Bridges is different from my reincarnation?"? It is not that the origin of the supernatural power is different, but that the formation of the rules of the supernatural power is different. After ancient times, the rules of the underworld of many planes were broken, and the channels of reincarnation were incomplete.
In order to make up for the rules of reincarnation, many strong people in the plane have established imperfect rules of reincarnation by using the only breath of reincarnations. In most of the underworld, there is only the seventh bridge of reincarnation left, and my plane is it. Although the Seventh Samsara Bridge is the most powerful of the Seven Bridges, it is not perfect. I can sacrifice the supernatural power of reincarnation, which is related to my skill, which is deduced by myself. "Sniff.." Before he had finished speaking, another sound of the void tearing came. The woman is here again. Let's go separately and see each other when we have a chance. After saying this, his figure flashed and disappeared directly into the tomb of the God of Heaven and Earth. Ningcheng is also not slow, he changed a direction, the same disappeared. The rules of heaven and earth in the tomb of the God of Heaven and Earth are broken and messy, but they are much stronger than those outside. Even if the woman came, she could not easily find him with divine consciousness. Moreover, the tomb of the God of Heaven and Earth is full of crises, and one step carefully will fall into it. Ningcheng knew very well in his heart why the suzerain of Shengdao Sect did not say anything about continuing to join hands. The cultivation of the two of them was too low. Even with seven bridges, they can only stop each other a little. Now this move has been used once, if used again, it is estimated that even life is difficult to save, it is better to separate by luck to escape. While frantically fleeing to the depths of the tomb of the God of Heaven and Earth, Ningcheng made up his mind to learn the seventh reincarnation bridge if he had the chance in the future. Only when the seven bridges merge, the seven bridges magical power is the real top magical power. Xing Xi stepped on Qinglian and stood on the edge of the tomb of the God of Heaven and Earth, frowning slightly. Although she had never been to the tomb of the God of Heaven and Earth, she had heard of the danger here. If she didn't care about the tomb of the God of Heaven and Earth before,sonicator homogenizer, she has to be careful now. Up to now, she has not figured out who attacked her on the top of Mount Jialiang. It can be seen that as long as we cross the Jialiang Mountain, there is a crisis here.