I untied his clothes, and there were several wounds on his back, which were longer but not deep, but the blood was still oozing slowly. There are also some on the legs and arms, but they are very light. After taking the medicine, he breathed a sigh of relief and leaned on a jade screen to look at me and smile. His smile is very rare, also smile good-looking, but I have no intention of nymphomaniac at the moment, anxious way: "How do you feel now?" He looked at me and said, "Wubao, it's nothing. I'm just a little hungry.". I haven't had any water or rice for a day. Speaking of hunger, I suddenly remembered that I had been carrying a burden all the time. After arriving at Yitianling, I was in a hurry to get into the tunnel, but I forgot to understand the burden. Now it really comes in handy. I hurriedly untied the bundle, took out the vegetable and egg buns, and handed them over. He opened his eyes wide in surprise. "Fog treasure, where did you come from?"? Did you know we were going to be stuck here? I was funny and angry, but he was in a good mood and could make jokes. I said, yesterday was your birthday, I wanted to invite you to come to spring town, and then you like that. I went by myself. I bought these in town this morning. He held my hand gently and said, "Fog treasure, I'm sorry for yesterday.". I have the intention to hide your key, I am afraid you know, will follow me, and this door opens, this will not be calm,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, I do not want you to get involved. I hate: "Fang Laner said I want the treasure of your ghost palace, I don't want to get involved, it's better to implement it!" His eyes are serious: "Fog treasure, a few days ago, let you wronged.". I was trying to explain it to you, but I was too clumsy to say it clearly. What Fang Laner, what Mu Ying, have nothing to do with me. What I want is always you. Today, when there are fewer and fewer people in this tunnel, I suddenly miss you very much. Wubao,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, haven't I talked to you well yet? My eyes are overflowing with sourness, but my mouth is not forgiving: "You are a dying man, and are your words good?"? You've never said before that you miss me and that you love me. Then remembered, I am really a crow mouth, the current situation, really some of the meaning of the Jedi ah! The stone door outside could not be opened in any case. It was so seamless that even if it entered the library, it was not easy to find the door. What's more, I don't know what had been blown up outside. Maybe there were stones blocking the door. But Yi Ge said solemnly, "Fog treasure, we won't die.". When I entered the underground palace, I thought, I want to go out anyway, I want to see you, explain clearly. Now, with you by my side, I can't let you die. We'll find a way out. He was so calm and his tone was burning that I was suddenly relieved. Watching him finish eating two vegetable and egg buns, he carefully tied the bundle and carried it on his back. He led me to stand up and said, "You really have to eat something to have strength. Let's go." The long cave passage was still silent and dark, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,30ml dropper bottle, but I was not so nervous. Instead of lighting the fire, we each took a luminous pearl in our hands and walked slowly. On the way, I asked him about the whereabouts of the two Ouyang brothers and asked him, "How could you be tricked into coming in by them?" He gave me a deep sideways look and said, "Care is chaos.". I panicked when I saw the peach blossom hairpin. Plus, they really couldn't find you. Later, when I entered the underground palace, I came to my senses. I thought you might have gone somewhere in a fit of pique. The hairpin was in their hands or you threw it away when you were angry with me. I pouted, "I'm not!"! Why didn't I think of throwing it away? Actually, I don't know when it fell. He chuckled and went on to say, "So then I thought I might as well close the door and beat the dog.". Anyway, the news that I have the key will be revealed sooner or later, and this trip will have to go. And you, Wang Ye, will try your best to find out your news outside. Even if you are really in their hands, as long as I hold Ouyang big childe, also can be used to exchange. In fact, they are also prepared, knowing that cheating is only temporary, so they have the last move of poisoning.
” "So you still don't want to exchange the treasure for mine?" I said to him. He said with a wry smile, "I have to make more preparations. What if there is no treasure they want in the underground palace?"? Fog treasure, at that time, I was afraid that he told me to hand over the key, and I immediately handed it in. Unexpectedly, they were not at ease and dared not enter without permission. So, can he also have some sweet words? "If you really hand in the key," I added, "I'm afraid Master Gui will die of disappointment. Aren't you afraid of being sorry for the ghost palace? He said lightly, "I have a chance to get the key back, don't I?" I don't know what to say. At the mention of Gui Ye, he suddenly remembered, "Gui Ye, didn't you go into the underground palace?"? I didn't see him. He did not answer, but suddenly replied with a thoughtless remark: "Didn't you see the man who cut the door?" I thought about it carefully: "There were one or two, but they were not people.". From the master to the disciples, I didn't see it. He thought for a moment and then asked, "Why, because you refused to marry the Second Elder Martial Sister and the Younger Martial Sister, did you fall out?" He suddenly hugged me a little tighter and said, "No.". Master Sun only appeared to discuss the distribution of the treasure when the Ouyang family threatened the Ghost Palace. When we entered the underground palace, Sun Jing followed us. Later, when we arrived at the library, someone began to rob the books, and they were in a mess. At that time, Sun Jing seemed to have turned around and gone out. Gui Ye was suspicious and went out with him. Later, he disappeared. An idea flashed through my mind, and I couldn't help saying, "When I came back from Laichun, I saw an ambush in the mountains around Yitianling. There were ambushes in all four countries.". North Di and Yunyang do not say, is to follow us, Xiyi, now also clear, should be to follow the Ouyang family, then Nandan soldiers, is not to follow the felling door? He stopped and said slowly, "I see. It's really time for a showdown." Yes, Lord Sun did not enter the underground palace. Sun Jing entered the underground palace and left. Remembering that he had also explored the right passage in front of the Red Charm Hall, he knew where it led. It was estimated that he had taken this passage. This felling door, I'm afraid the plan is not small,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, and the Ouyang family is just an open robbery, a secret robbery. I added, "What treasure is there in the Ghost Palace that has attracted the attention of the Four Kingdoms?" 。 penghuangbottle.com