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"As soon as Gao Xingdeng's expression froze, he shook his hand and knocked out a locust stone, but instead of flying into the air, he went straight to the current tall and long lamp." Bo! With a sound, the paper lamp went out. At that time, the eyes were dark, and the dawn of the eastern sky, the fish belly white, looked particularly conspicuous. Zhu Yunyu was so frightened that he shrank back. "What is that?" As he spoke, Gao He-hsing was already flying out. His flying skills were so good that he had risen and fallen several times in a row and was already more than ten feet away. It's too late to say, but it's too soon. That is to say, at the same time when he was standing still, "Oh!" In the sound, the sky once again came to hear the sharp sound. Dawn before dawn, very dark, can not see what is in the sky in the end, silver gray flash, "Ding!" " A sound, shot to the mountain wall, rebound and fall. The tall crane walked forward, rushed to the front, bent down to pick it up and looked at it. A small, ringing arrow bent like a snake. This toy is exquisitely made, and it is definitely not used by ordinary Jianghu people. Gao Hexing was born in a big house, and he knew at a glance that it was the toy that the Royal Guards used to use in the past. It goes without saying that someone on the enemy's side has discovered this place and is sending a signal to inform his colleagues. If that's the case, it's not good. Gao Hexing was startled, but he was not disorderly in surprise. He turned over his right hand at the moment and used the momentum of "throwing the handle", "swish!" With a sound, the arrow rang in the handle and was thrown with all its strength. The technique was particularly vigorous, and he was an expert. This is the cleverness of the tall crane. In front of the display, so set up a suspicious array, in order to get from the enemy's arrows, to the enemy with the wrong guide, brilliant. The arrow shot, sent out a very sharp whistle, but it was a detour, flying in the opposite direction to the left. On the enemy's side, in the unknown situation, it is difficult to distinguish,CSD filling line, and it is bound to make a wrong judgment. High crane line sound arrow shot, people have been flying vertical up and down, between the rise and fall, like a swallow, landed dozens of feet away. The place where Gao Hexing landed was the place where the arrow had come from. He thought that the enemy who had fired the arrow was the most important thing. He should do his best to annihilate it, so that he could live in peace for the time being. This judgment is very correct. Little did they know that the enemy in the dark had the same idea as him, that is, he hated him so much that he was determined to take his life. In this way, it happens to coincide. As soon as Gao Hexing's body approached, a branch clattered in front of him on the left, and a shadow arrow spear seemed to fly in front of him. The bearer was dressed in a black tights, with a net scarf tied around his head. At first glance, he knew that he was born in a big family. This kind of dress was often worn by Gao Hexing in those days. Speaking of it, the two sides were originally one family. Unexpectedly, once the environment changed, they became enemies who could not tolerate each other. What a hateful thing! The man in black shouted in his mouth and raised his right hand, "Ka!" With a bang, a sleeve arrow was sent out. Relying on the strength of the royal family, these royal guards have repeatedly brought forth new ideas even on the side of weapons and hidden weapons. That is to say, the small sleeve arrow in front of us is very ingenious. Although the arrow body is small and exquisite, PET blow moulding machine ,PET blowing machine, its weight is not light. In addition, there is a special mechanism in the arrow part. Once the force is exerted, two barbs will be ejected from both sides of the arrow head. In this way, if you want to pull it out, you have to dig it out together with a large piece of meat. Since Gao Ho-hsing was born in Ochi, he was naturally saved. With the sudden display of an arc sword behind him, "When!" With a cry, he rolled up the small sleeve arrow in front of him for a long time. Followed by an angry shout from the man in black, the two sides had gathered together. The bearer had a soft weapon in his hand, and with the eagerness of his body, "Crash!" As soon as it rang, he shook a twelve-section bright silver soft whip straight, and suddenly pricked it in front of his opponent's heart. With a "hum", the arc sword suddenly turned outward, and with a "choke" sound, it opened the body of the opponent's whip, but it was the tip of a sword, dramatically inserted into the loop of the soft whip. As soon as Gao Hexing suddenly earned his strength, his strength was so fierce that he shouted, "Let go!" As soon as the bearer stumbled, it was difficult to control him because of the haste of the matter. As soon as his hand was hot, a twelve-section bright silver whip "whoosh!" Get out of the way. Man in Black "Ah!" With a cry, he could hardly make any reaction, followed by a step forward by Gao Hexing, with his right hand protruding, "Poof!" A slap hit him on the chest.
This palm is full of power, Gao Hexing is determined to take the other side's life, the palm is extremely powerful, internal force spit, the whole body of the man in black suddenly flew out, only to hear "touch!" He crashed into a big tree and fell to the ground. Gao He-hsing was determined to take the man's life. Naturally, he was extremely ruthless. With a flash of his body, he flew forward and swung his arc-shaped sword. When he was about to hit his opponent on the head, there was a loud clatter in the bushes behind him. One of them shouted angrily, "Be bold!" With this shout, two small arrows, through the wind. Gao Hexing was so cruel that his sword in the palm of his hand kept going, "Ka Chir!" With a sound, he struck the man in black on the ground at the top of the door, and immediately took the account with a sword. At the same time, with a quick turn of the body, the sword in the palm has been flying out, "cough up!" With a sound, a hidden weapon flying behind him on the left fell to the ground, but it was the one on the right, unable to get out of the way. Poof! Right in the shoulder. The opponent is surprisingly strong, and the hidden weapon itself is specially designed, and the weight is far heavier than the general. Once the flesh, deep into the inch, is deeply embedded in the scapular seam. Gao Hexing shivered in pain. He is known as a tough guy, and he will not make a sound even if he is in pain. But it was the arrow in front of him that went deep into the bone seam, and the pain was so severe that he couldn't help "talking", and with a sharp turn of his body, "whoosh!" Jumping up, without looking at the enemy, he grabbed the hidden weapon on his shoulder with his backhand and started with a snow-white goose feather. Only then did I know that the hidden weapon was a "snake-headed white arrow". This thing is extremely vicious in the hidden weapon, because the center of gravity of the hidden weapon itself is all on the snake-shaped head, and the tail of the arrow is extremely light and ineffective. As soon as the tall crane was eager to pull it out, it broke away from the head and tail, and sank a snake-shaped arrow deep into the flesh. This movement affected his muscles and bones, and the pain made him tremble all over his body and almost fell down. In front of the wind hit the face, the enemy has dodged forward. It turned out to be a thin man in brocade clothes like a monkey,Beverage packing machine, with rabbit ears, eagle cheeks, and a pointed chin. He was really ugly.