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Kong Zhibin sat on the edge of the ditch until dusk, feeling that no one should pay attention to him when it got dark, and then stood up and walked forward. As soon as he entered the village, he heard the cheerful sound of gongs and drums. Who is beating gongs and drums? At that time, it was a common thing to beat gongs and drums in the countryside, to celebrate the harvest, to send recruits, to hold happy events, and to celebrate the New Year, but mostly in the daytime. It was already dark, and at this time there was often a possibility of beating gongs and drums, which was called a makeup drum, representing that a girl in the village was going to get married tomorrow. Makeup drum, as its name implies, the night before, the woman's family will beat gongs and drums in front of their house, telling the whole village with the sound of gongs and drums that the daughter of a certain family is going to get married. Those who have human relations can come to add makeup, and those who have no human relations can also come to join in the fun and add joy to the girl. Kong Zhibin listened to the cheerful and festive sound of gongs and drums all the way, and quietly slipped into the village to walk in the direction of his own house, for fear of being discovered. The village was small, and he inevitably passed the alley near the second uncle's house,face detection android, and people passed by from time to time. Once someone passed by, he quickly and quietly stood on the side of the road against the wall, relieved that he was not noticed. Fortunately, it was not clear in the dark, and everyone was rushing to add makeup to congratulate him, so no one paid much attention to him. Two women came over with their sleeves on their hands and shoulders, talking and laughing,touch screen digital signage, and one of them said with a smile: "Fourth Granny, is it true that Feng Qiao's family has prepared a dowry of 36 legs for her?" "That's true. If you go there, you will see that her second uncle's house is full of yards.". There are more than 36 legs. At first I heard that it was 36 legs. Later, her partner said that the big wardrobe was fashionable in the city and made a big wardrobe. I went to see it. It was all made of the best wood. "Tut, such a good husband's family, Feng Qiao is not an easy girl. She has no mother since she was a child, and her father is unreliable. Now she is going out in the second uncle's house, and she will enjoy a happy life if she marries tomorrow." "That is.". The dowry bedding is also the best, I and your seventh grandmother personally made her happy quilt, using thick new cotton. Other people's girls also strive for success. The father on the stall is useless. They work to earn money and have wages. Quilts, pillows and so on are all their own money. "This girl is a clever and capable person." The two women, talking and laughing, went in the direction of the sound of gongs and drums. Kong Zhibin stood in place in a daze, leaning against the earthen wall, his heart suddenly like a sharp thorn, smart interactive whiteboard ,digital signage screen, his legs were weak, and he fell to his knees with a bang. What the hell did he do! Kong Zhibin raised his hand and slapped himself hard. At the gate of the second uncle's home, a line of gongs and drums was lined up, and the scene was lively and jubilant. In fact, at that time, there was nothing to "add makeup", the days were poor, their stomachs were not full, there was nothing to add makeup. Villagers and neighbors who have good friendship with each other will come to have a look and say a few auspicious words of congratulations. Relatives and friends who are close to each other may buy two bags of snacks, send a washbasin, towel and so on according to local customs. It's more about helping. If you have no money, you can contribute. When the bride gets married tomorrow morning, you have to use someone to carry the dowry. The bride's cabinets and boxes in the yard will be tied with red ropes and carried all the way to her husband's house. The longer the line to carry the dowry, the more dignified the new daughter-in-law will be. The dowry was carried all the way to the second uncle's house by several apprentices and a few villagers who were temporarily recruited to help by Li Shige of the farm tool factory in the early morning. The newly made wardrobe still smelled of paint. Feng Qiao is staying in the East Room at the moment. When she got married, she needed a separate room. For this reason, the second elder brother temporarily vacated the east room where he lived. Although it was only one night, the second elder brother had no place to live tonight, so he had to go to the lobby to sleep on the floor. However, he did not have enough time to sleep on the floor. When Feng Qiao got married, he was very busy. Feng Qiao sat leisurely on the bed, accompanied by several little girls and several sisters-in-law, talking and laughing with her. Kou Xiaomeng is also here. She got the task given by the second aunt today. She is specially responsible for running errands, sending messages and ordering. She probably feels that her work is very important. Kou Xiaomeng's face is full of excitement. Xiaomao! The second aunt outside shouted.
"Hey!" Xiaomao promised loudly and ran out at once. Did the second aunt really keep this little girl? A distant sister-in-law touched her with her arm. "What do you think the second aunt wants? Such a big girl, although she can do some work, she should get married after a few years. She can't help the family much. If the second aunt gives her some dowry, you will suffer losses." "My mother-in-law has a good heart, and she doesn't have the heart to throw her out." The sister-in-law in the lobby was a kind person, and she would not be foolish enough to speak ill of her mother-in-law in front of outsiders. She smiled and said, "I'm going to work in the production team in the spring. The odd jobs at home are just for Xiaomao, and she can help me look after the children. In fact, she doesn't eat idle food." Sister-in-law gave birth to a fat boy in autumn last year. Now she is six months old and is nursing. Sister-in-law patted the fat boy in her arms and said, "Isn't that right, Xiao Bao?"? In the spring, my mother went to work to earn work points and asked my aunt to watch you at home. The distant sister-in-law saw that there was no contradiction between her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, so she did not talk any more. The little girls were all talking and laughing around Feng Qiao. Some envied her good dowry, and some thought of themselves, saying that they would find a partner in the future, and they also wanted to find someone who had been a soldier, who was decent and loved people. As soon as the voice fell, the other little girls burst into laughter, teasing her that she was shameless and anxious to find her husband's family. The second aunt greeted at the door, and the little Rouge kept greeting the people who added makeup and congratulations. The people who came said a few auspicious words around Feng Qiao, and those who brought makeup things handed them to Feng Qiao and left. Several grannies of the family came together and surrounded Feng Qiao with concern for a long time. The seventh grandmother explained a lot of customs and matters needing attention for the new daughter-in-law, such as eating something dry tomorrow morning, not drinking too much water, the new daughter-in-law dressed in red clothes,Interactive digital signage, the goal is too obvious, drinking too much water is not convenient to go to the toilet. "Fifth Daughter-in-law said she would cry tomorrow when she went out." Fifth Daughter-in-law, why are you crying? A little girl asked curiously.