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Prior to that, it was ascertained that the Fuji Maru was at anchor in the port of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and that the scheduled date of departure notified to the Port Authority was 20 October. There are four intelligence agencies in Japan: the Cabinet Investigation Office, the Public Security Investigation Agency, the Second Special Office of the Ministry of Land Staff and Supervision, and the Public Security Police. The most powerful and commendable of the above four organizations is the Public Security Police, whose official name is the Police Bureau of the Police Department. It is divided into Public Security Lesson 1, Public Security Lesson 2, Public Security Lesson 3, Investigation Lesson and Foreign Affairs Lesson. The Foreign Affairs Division, commonly known as the Foreign Affairs Police, has an intelligence network all over the world. It took less than a day for the deity to bring the following information: Abd al-Merqan had three private residences in Saudi Arabia, one in Riyadh, the capital, one in Jeddah, the port facing the Red Sea, and one in Dhahran. In addition, six villas were purchased in Switzerland, France, Spain, Norway, the United States and Italy. The Fuji Maru entered the port of Dhahran on October 7. On the day of arrival, a black crew member, Peter O'Regan, was taken from the ship and admitted to the Dalan Central Hospital after his right eye was said to have burst. However, no clues were found about the white bone red. It is said that the rich man wanted to get a Japanese woman who looked like a blonde white woman. Therefore, it is better to pay more attention while investigating the Alomu people. "To be taken as a slave girl?" "I don't know what's going on with the Alomu." The deity ignored Bai Xiang's question. "There is no information.". Computers also need to have data input in order to have data output. Of course, I can continue to investigate. I'm considering whether to apply for a trip to Saudi Arabia. "No," Bai Xiang shook his head. "Please don't do this. I'm going to catch Abd al-Merqan myself. If you go on a business trip, you'll have to use your service passport and visa. "In this way, the situation may expand into a diplomatic issue between the two countries." "Isn't it the same for you to go?" "I have resigned from the police." "The land was sold, the pension was withdrawn in advance, and he was ready to go to Saudi Arabia with Dr. Donben." "Is it?" "Thanks for your help many times." "What time is it to be so polite?". Have a safe journey and be careful. In Saudi Arabia, when a royal princess falls in love with a civilian man,fake ficus tree, both sides will be beheaded! It is also forbidden to drink and spill, and the restrictions on foreigners are particularly severe. "I know all that." The absolute monarchies in the Middle East, led by Saudi Arabia, are extremely sensitive and fearful of the trend of establishing Republican systems in the surrounding countries. With 135 princesses, 36 princes and more than 100 princesses, King Abd al-Aghis II is a major feature of the country. Islamic doctrine has a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye. If someone runs over and kills someone in this country, the punishment for him is to let someone else run over and kill him! All this is clear to Baixiang, but it is not clear about the origin of the Alomu people, nor can it be judged what Aboud Merkan really wants. But there is no doubt that the wife has become Aboud's slave girl and is being abused. Be sure to kill Aboud! What kind of country is Saudi Arabia? It has nothing to do with Baixiang. Bai Xiang just wanted to never forgive the guy who occupied and humiliated his wife. Henry Hidaka has been arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department, and all the gangsters he ordered to kidnap Hong have been arrested. However, the police arrested them on other charges and did not immediately touch the New Japan Shipping Company. I'm going to wait until I go to Saudi Arabia to bring my wife back to Japan safely. To publicize the abduction case and take further action. If you don't do this, Hong will die and disappear forever. On October 16, Baixiang Huajie and Tangben Changjiu took off from Narita International Airport. Japan does not have direct flights to Saudi Arabia, and they will transfer to other flights in Karachi, Pakistan. The Alomu?.. After the plane went into level flight, Domoto muttered. The reason for the abduction of red lies in the Alomu people. I don't know if the Moonless Night Copy, which describes the colorful embroidery brocade, can be called the official history, silk cherry blossom tree ,outdoor ficus tree, but for the Alomu people, it is the official history. The abducted Hong is the legitimate successor of the Alomu people more than a thousand years ago. The speculation driven by the unrestrained and unrestrained imagination of genius has become a fact, and Tangben can't help trembling at the thought of it.
Who are the Alomu people? It is said that Aboud Merkan, like Tang Ben, dabbled in ancient Chinese, Indian and Korean documents. According to Japanese pronunciation, Alomu is pronounced as Arak. The idea that the Alomu might be Arabs flashed through Domoto's mind. Domoto once speculated that they might have escaped from the Mesopotamian cultural circle four or five thousand years ago and had to leave their homes for some reason. After a long journey through the Silk Road and the Korean Peninsula, he finally crossed to Japan. Tang Ben asked Bai Xiang, who was resting with his eyes closed on the seat beside him, "Have you ever heard of oral transmission of dyeing?" "No." "Dyeing techniques have always been taught only orally.". In the Kamakura period, Mr. Maeda Yucheng studied and compiled a textbook of Red Master Oral Biography. Tangben wants to give lessons to Baixiang again. The main idea of the textbook is that the secret of dyeing lies in the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth. It is necessary to be pure when meeting gold, to pray for spirit when meeting wood, to be sincere when meeting fire, to be harmonious when meeting water, and to be pure when meeting earth. The dyehouse should be cleaned up and tied with straw ropes. The dyer takes a full body shower. When dyeing, we should eliminate distracting thoughts, be happy and contented, and be willing to work. The grey cloth should be rinsed in clean water for ten days before dyeing. The dye solution is evenly hydrated, and the firewood in the stove is suitable. If you want to get a thick color, you can re-dye it. "So dyed color cloth, Cang is Cang, yellow is yellow, wonderful, amazing." "I don't understand." Bai Xiang continued to doze off. Listen carefully even if you don't understand. Tangben doesn't care how much Baixiang understands. Ancient dyes are mostly taken from natural plants, walnuts, catalpa leaves, waxberries, safflowers, purple roots, kouan, yellow tillers, gardenia, goldthread roots, lotus leaves, oak, sappan wood, madder, mulberry, oak, Swertia, purple, mountain blue, collision feather, swallow flower, dayflower, hazelnut, chicken, mordant straw ash, podocarpus macrophyllus, toon ash, ash, vinegar, rice, dried plum bark,faux ficus tree, iron slurry, soil mud, groundwater.