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The Master cut-off knife is comprised of three main sections 鈥?the infeed delivery section, the cutting section, and the outfeed delivery section.
The infeed delivery consists of a supporting plate to hold the board with an independently driven pull-roll section. The delivery infeed section can be rotated back and away from the cutting section via pneumatic cylinders. This creates a space to allow convenient and immediate access to the knife bars and facilitates blade tuning and general maintenance of the machine. The infeed section can be upgraded to include a secondary no crush pull roll section to provide additional control of the incoming web for higher speed operations.
The cutting section consists of a pair of steel knife bars on which the single-piece blades are mounted. Single piece helical knife blades are utilised to soften the impact of the cut action on the knife bars. In this way very low inertia shafts can be used. The position of the upper blade is fully adjustable via the regulating screws housed in the knife support, an integral part of the knife bar, to hold the blade in position for optimum tune. A specially designed self lapping procedure facilitates tuning for the operator and ensures the blades are kept fine-tuned and sharp at all times. Rotation of the shafts is guaranteed by meshed gears (one for each side) fitted at the head of every knife bar for positive drive between them.
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