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4 of below main advantages are achievable to this furnace
1. Yuantu "Ever-Intelligent" control system
Precise and efficient heating and cooling control system, forming a more uniform furnace heat field, more efficient heating&cooling curve, more stable system control, effectively increase product quality, improve production capacity, improve energy saving ability.
Intelligent&integration is the design principle of "Ever-Intelligent" control system. The results are simpler operation, more intelligence, fewer artificial factors and stronger optimization ability.
2. Exclusive appearance design with international high-end parts
The YUANTU PRO adopts a more high-tech appearance design, and is equipped with ultra-high-end materials and high-end brands at home&abroad to enhance the user experience and achieve superior stability.
3. High quality energy-saving effect and high quality product standard
The energy-saving effect of the equipment exceeds the new China national standard level 2, and the products are basically pure flat, like the original surface quality. It is an ideal choice for users to produce high-quality tempered glass.
4. With higher efficiency to deal with all kinds of Low-E glasses, and achieve mirror like surface
YUANTU PRO convectional tempering furnace, uses high strength hot air to transmit energy to the glass surface swiftly and efficiently, to achieve the rapid flattening of Low-E glass. At the same time, the lower furnace body adopts the self-convection technology, forming a balanced and efficient heating pattern of convection, radiation and conduction. Truly achieve a mirror - like surface to tempered Low-E glass.
Models & Parameters
Max. Width1200150020002200240027003000
Min Glass size150*100200*100300*100300*100300*100350*100400*100
Glass thickness range3.0~193.0~193.5~193.5~193.5~94~195~19
1. Millimeter(mm) is the size&thickness unit.
2. The models are not limited to those listed in this table, and can be customized according to the actual needs of users.Buy Advanced Tempered Glass Production Furnace