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[ANTI FOG LENS]: Clear Lens With Anti Fog Coating Technology Prevent Adult Protective Safety Goggles for Eye Protection DIY, Lab, Cycling Sport, Motorbike, MTB, MX, Ski, Snowboard, Aviator From Rain Water or Snow Steam, chainsaw worker, cleaning, construction, dental health, dentist, desert, designer, electricians, engineers, gas, liquid, infield work, joinery, laser, machining , manicure, mechanics etc
[SCRATCH RESISTANT]: Anti Mist Mechanics Quality Heavy Duty Anti Steam Adult Sign Safety Eye Protection Goggles Shield for Men, UV Protect Better Safety For Work Site PPE, Paint,Science, Acid with Low light Strap, Safety Liquid, Outdoor Work, medical, dust, screwfix, soldering, railway , acid chemistry, fabrication, respirator, work salon, frying,surgery, sawfly, shooting, slimline, workshop
[SEALED DUST PROOF]: 360掳Fully Sealed Design锛孫ver Spectacles Visors, to Protect Your Eyes From Dust Protection for Glasses Wearers
[OVERGLASSES FOR WORK]: Side Open Design Black UV Protection Dust Fog Free Safety Protective Goggles Allow Customer to Use Over Own Glasses for Paint Worker, Gardeners, Chemistry Acid, Construction Industry, Wind proof, Woodworking etc
Features: Dust-proof, Anti-droplet, Anti-fog, protective eye.
Light and comfortable material, small frame myopia lens can be worn.
Suitable for cycling, climbing, rock climbing, construction site, factory, travel laboratory, etclow price Goggle