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1. The sand washer has a simple structure and the impeller drive bearing device is isolated from water and water receiving materials, which greatly avoids bearing damage from water, sand and contaminants.
2. Reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, large processing capacity, low power consumption and high cleanliness. Innovative sealing construction, fully sealed oil bath transmission and adjustable overflow weir plate ensure high efficiency, durability, excellent cleaning and dehydration effect of this series of products, and maintenance of fine particle products.
3. It is used for the washing, grading and dehydration of smaller particles used in construction sites, sand and gravel plants, glass plants, hydropower stations and other units.
The charm of sand washing equipment in terms of environmental protection and energy saving is more and more favored by users. In order to extend the life of sand washing equipment, after the installation of sand washing equipment, the following points should be paid attention to during the debugging process.
1. No-load operation for 10 minutes. During no-load operation, check the condition of each part and adjust the tightness of the V-belt. During the operation of the sand washing equipment, if you hear obvious bearing rotation and friction sound of the steel ring, it can be concluded that the bearing lubricating oil is insufficient and should be replenished immediately. The sand washing can only be carried out after normal no-load operation.
2. When washing sand, the flushing water pipe should be opened first, and then the sand should be fed to wash the sand. At the same time, adjust the spray direction and the height of the overflow baffle so that it can effectively wash the sand and maintain a suitable water surface.
3. The amount of water delivered must be moderate, that is, it can wash the sand without swelling the sand along the slot. Feeding should be uniform and too much, which will easily damage the sand washing equipment due to overload, and too little will affect the output.Mobile Sand Washing Machine model