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"Speaking of which.". Opening up wasteland in the new area is really a step wrong, step by step wrong. He rose rapidly and said with a smile, "From the beginning of opening up wasteland, I have been following him, and then I followed him deeper and deeper.". He was followed into the pit, and one pit was bigger than the other. "Yes!" Red dragonfly sighed, "if regardless of his nine thousand points of active rank task, red nest and crazy war alliance to win Jiangjin village haunted house certainly no problem, then now the guild average level leading, is not the nine-tailed fox.." All right. It's not too late to understand. "This 45-level bandit must be in front of the zero point once," he said. "Well, it's time to establish the first hand." The red dragonfly gave a nodding expression. So that's a deal? "Almost, but when the time comes, the main force of PVP must be my ally, the mad war guild, so I can't promise you alone. I have to discuss it with Thunder Dawn first." Red Dragonfly Road. Ok! No matter what the response of Thunder Breaking Dawn is, give me a message right away. He closed the small window in a rare and straightforward way. What's not to like? At present, the server's strongest PVE guild Red Nest,metal stamping parts, and the strongest PVP guild crazy war, will soon be pulled into the same camp by him! To be able to think of this opportunity to turn the tables while hanging oneself when the battlefield is lost and the consciousness is blurred is also a desperate effort. The level of the major guild players, not enough to play 45 Jiangyang bandit, will only be a very short special period. However, the rapid rise will be with the zero point to kill the first hand as bait, seize this special period, the red nest and crazy war to lure a ship! The ship of the Sihui alliance,car radiator cap, once offshore, can still allow the Red Dragonflies to turn back? No matter what method you use, you must drive this ship all the way down! Just hung up the small window of the Red Dragonfly, the message from the president of the Zhange Association was sent: "How is it going?" Another OK gesture and expression: "The only plan in the history of Yunwu City server that can grab the first kill from Zero Point and is very reliable, they have no reason to refuse." Feng Xiao Yan ran brushed a row of ellipses: "Well, the sentence pattern is a little complicated.". Are you so happy that you can speak without panting and type without punctuation? "Well, I've been practicing hanging recently, and I've reached a new height in my spirit," he said. The smiling face of the wind twitched: "You … …" Are you all right?! …… The red dragonfly hung up the small window that had risen rapidly, and immediately a small window bounced toward the thunderbolt. The Red Dragonfly told the Thunder Breaking Dawn in detail about the plan of the four guilds to kill the 45-level Jiangyang thieves together. This is basically the case, I think there is no reason to refuse, "Red Dragonfly Road," 45 Jiangyang thieves produced materials, socket screw plug ,Stainless steel foundry, I also have a list here, to discuss how to distribute, it is OK. " "Well, I don't have an opinion." Thunder Dawn replied, "It's just that if you want the Sihui Alliance to take the first kill, why should you cooperate with the Buyun Guild and the Zhange Guild?" "Eh.." The red dragonfly suddenly thought of this. Just now he was only thinking about cooperation or non-cooperation. But I never thought that the Sihui Alliance would take the first kill. Their best choice is definitely not the Buyun Guild, right? If you want to talk about the level of players, the level of players in the Heavenly Blade Guild is higher, and their allies, the Brilliant Guild, are stronger than Zhange. "Forget it, it doesn't matter who you work with.". You choose. Thunder broke through the dawn. Uh What you said is also reasonable, but on the other hand, cooperate with the Buyun Association. I can talk more about production and get more benefits, after all, the choice of who to cooperate with is ours. Red Dragonfly Road. OK There is no objection to Thunder Breaking Dawn. Just let me know who it is when it is finally decided. "All right!" When Red Dragonfly talks to Thunder Breaking Dawn, they are usually very brief. Red Dragonfly has just finished communicating with Thunder Dawn. The mobile phone on the desk rang, and he looked at the number of the caller, which was the head of the Red Nest Association, Yun Bo Mu. Cloud dusk, sunset dusk.. The number two of the entire Red Nest team, Ye Jiaoyang's right-hand man.
The red dragonfly did not dare to neglect, hurriedly answered the phone: "President, hello, what's the matter?" "Captain Ye has just come back. He wants to see you," said the evil voice from the other side of the phone. Red dragonfly one Zheng: "What..." What? You said.. Who? Who wants to see me? Cloud dusk repeated with a smile: "Ye team.". Ye Jiaoyang! Well, I.. I'm sorry. The Leafs are going to.. See me? The red dragonfly was startled. Don't be nervous. It's just something about the cloud city server and the zero point. The Leafs discussed it with me and thought it was necessary to let you know the truth. Are you still at the base? "Well, yes, yes!" The red dragonfly said hurriedly. Okay, we'll wait for you. Do you know how to get to the training room on the first floor? "I know!"! I'll be right there The red dragonfly put down the keyboard and mouse and ran downstairs immediately. The door of the Red Nest Team Training Room, which was slightly yellow in light, was unclosed. Red Nest's training room can be said to be the best training room in the professional circle of sword fighting. All the facilities are replaced once a year. They are clean and brand-new. In the center is a huge banyan tree. The trunk of the banyan tree is made into a circular computer desk. There are nine computers on the circular computer desk. A striped glass partition, also in the shape of a ring, separates the nine computers from the other computers in the training room. In addition to the team leader, the other nine first-line players on the 10-man list of the Red Nest Team train here every day. Even the Red Dragonfly, who has worked in the Red Nest Team Base for two years, is the first time to enter this glass room. "Hello." When Ye Jiaoyang saw the red dragonfly coming in, he kicked the husky who had blocked him and stood up. Ah, Team Leaf.. Hello, hello! "This is the first time the Red Dragonfly has spoken to Ye Jiaoyang alone." Sit down, what to drink? Ye Jiaoyang asked with a smile. Disuse I,non standard fasteners, I don't need it. "Red dragonfly told himself ten thousand times that he was not nervous, but when he saw Ye Jiaoyang, he was still nervous.".