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"That's right.". Anyway, we have to go. What we mean is to prepare more things to keep warm, and if we can't get there in time, we'll spend the night outside. He was just afraid of wronging the girl, so he came to discuss it with her. Liu steward said this with some difficulty, looking up at the usual look as he spoke. Sure enough, he frowned and felt a thump in his heart. They didn't buy the girl, and there was no indenture. At that time, it was rare for them to see a desirable girl, and they didn't think so much. This meeting, however, is somewhat difficult. If the girl did not agree, there would be only two of them, plus a coachman, and the girl would have four maids, and I'm afraid she wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Sure enough, the usual said: "Two aunts this method is not right.". In such weather, no matter how warm it is, I'm afraid it's of little use. This woman and we are all women, and we are weak. "If you get sick, I'm afraid you'll lose more than you gain. This won't work." The two stewards did not know this, but they were in a hurry to seek medical treatment. Girl,Walking tape measure, we know your concerns, but we really can't delay. I have to go tomorrow. Otherwise, it's absolutely impossible to catch up. Liu steward is anxious tunnel. It seems that it is impossible not to go, I thought to myself. Although it can be delayed, it is OK not to go to the capital. However, after this delay, there will always be a next time. Moreover, looking at Mrs. Chen's hidden joy, I'm afraid this object is extremely satisfied,Fish measuring board, so go back, I'm afraid it will hurt each other's feelings, but it's not worth it. I know what the aunt means. In that case, let's wait a few more days. Seeing that Aunt Liu was about to open her mouth to object again, she raised her hand and shook it. "Aunt, listen to us first.". It is absolutely impossible for so many people to travel in such weather. In particular, Wu's health is extremely bad, and going out in this weather will kill her. How about this! Wuchou and I both know how to ride a horse. If the weather doesn't improve in a few days, we might as well ride back to the capital with Uncle Sun. Auntie and a few of my other girls are waiting for the snow to melt in the back before turning around. It's just that a few of my girls have to be taken care of by two aunts. Although they are girls, they have been treated as sisters around me since childhood, but they have not taught them to suffer any hardships, but they are troublesome to bear more. "The two stewards had an anxious look on their faces, but after listening to the usual words, their faces were full of joy." It's really God's help. Unexpectedly, such a delicate and weak girl can even ride. Not to mention the girls from the south, Horse weight lbs ,tape measure clip, even in our capital, there are not many girls who can ride horses. God bless you, God bless you. It was really unexpected that there should be such a good thing, but it was a rare excitement for the two stewards who had seen some of the world. After a while, he got up to leave and went down happily. With this sentence, they don't have to worry. If I had known this, I should have said it earlier. I didn't expect it to be solved so easily until now. To this heart big trouble, two people's footsteps are also particularly brisk, while talking, while still discussing whether to order a little wine to drink, this since encountered this kind of good thing, also by the way a good rest for a few days, also live a few days of leisure. As soon as the two stewards left, Wuyou shouted, "Girl, why do you want to go first?". Isn't it painful to ride a horse in such a cold day? Really, if we can't go to the capital, it's good for us to go back to Yangzhou. "What are you doing? The girl has her own considerations. If you don't want to follow her, you can go back to Yangzhou by yourself, and no one will stop you." It was no disaster that came out of the inner room. As soon as she came out, she ran to the usual bed and went to bed in a flash. I didn't say I was going back. I'll go wherever the girl goes. You're not leaving me. Not to be outdone, Wuyou jumped into bed. After waiting for no illness and no worries, I usually told them about this decision. Worry-free is naturally no opinion, only disease-free but worried to say a few words. But she also knew that there was a reason for this decision, so she only told her to take care of the girl carefully.
Passed a few days again, this snow did not stop as expected appearance, taking not to worry at ordinary times, and that Sun Liu, go ahead of the rest one step. As for the lady who stayed overnight, she had never seen her again. She heard that she had never come out since she entered the house. From time to time, there were sobs. It was obvious that there was a sad thing in her heart. Therefore, I didn't bother him at ordinary times. In the world of ice and snow, there is no one everywhere, only a vast expanse of snow. But Wuchou shouted excitedly from time to time: "Girl, look, there are sparrows over there!"! On such a cold day, where can I sleep in the evening? Girl, the snow is so beautiful. It reminds me of the snowman we used to make in the yard. If it still snows when we get to the capital, how about we pile it up again? ………… Usually looking at the happy look, the bottom of my heart thought, this child seems to like the days outside ah. Do not think bitter, cold wind blowing on the face, snowflakes floating into the clothes, can not worry about the smile on the face seems to be more than in the house. However, such a free feeling is really good, if one day, can look around like this, how good it would be! I don't know how is Mr. yuan now? He must now feel the wonder of the snowflakes falling on his hands on a certain ground, just like himself. Such a vast world really makes people want to explore it. It is a pity that she is a woman, if not,horse weight tape, accompanied by yuan Childe, together to see how big the day is, it is really a very desirable and after it.