Organic Marine Products suppliers 1.What is certified organic spirulina powder?
Certified organic spirulina powder refers to spirulina products produced and processed according to international organic agricultural production requirements and corresponding standards, and certified by a third-party geo organic certification body. It refers to organic breeding conducted in the original ecological water environment that has not been polluted by pesticides, chemical fertilizers. Spirulina is a kind of spiral algae, which mainly grows in tropical saline lakes. Including Chad Lake in Africa and Chenghai Lake in Yunnan. Spirulina is rich in pure natural protein, which is easy to be absorbed by the human body. It also contains a variety of minerals and vitamins. Spirulina is rich in nutrients and will supplement the elements needed by the human body after being absorbed. Certified organic spirulina powder is as high as 60% - 70%, twice as high as that of soybeans, 3.5 times as high as that of beef, and 4 times as high as that of eggs. Moreover, the types of essential amino acids contained in spirulina are complete and the composition is reasonable. The fat content of spirulina is generally 5% - 6% of the dry weight, of which 70% - 80% is unsaturated fatty acid (UFA), especially the content of linolenic acid is 500 times higher than that of human milk. The cellulose content of spirulina is 2% - 4%, and the cell wall is mainly composed of collagen and hemicellulose. The human body can absorb more than 95% of it. Spirulina is also very rich in vitamins and minerals. The former includes vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, E and K, etc; The latter includes zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, iodine and other trace elements. The proportion of biological zinc and iron in spirulina is basically consistent with the physiological needs of the human body, which is most easily absorbed by the human body. In addition, the phycocyanin (CPC), polysaccharide (PSP) 纬- Methyl linolenic acid (GLAME) 尾- Carotene, chlorophyll a and other active components have regulatory effects on many animal functions

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3.Organic spirulina powder benefits:
Certified organic spirulina powder enhance immunity: Spirulina contains a variety of hypoglycemic substances such as polysaccharide and enzyme, which can regulate blood glucose metabolism and enhance the function of the immune system through a variety of ways. Both polysaccharide and phycocyanin in spirulina can enhance the proliferation of bone marrow cells, promote the growth of immune organs such as thymus and spleen, and promote the biosynthesis of serum proteins. Spirulina has the effect of immune enhancement.
Gastrointestinal protection: it has certain relieving effect for patients with gastritis and gastric ulcer. Most of the patients with gastric diseases are suffering from gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases caused by excessive gastric acid, while spirulina is an alkaline food. Spirulina contains high plant protein, rich chlorophyll, carotene, etc. These nutrients are extremely effective for gastric acid neutralization, gastrointestinal mucosa repair and regeneration, and normal secretion.
Lower cholesterol: The linolenic acid in spirulina can reduce the cholesterol contained in the human body, effectively reduce hypertension, prevent heart disease, and lower cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol can effectively prevent heart disease and stroke.

4.Product application:
Certified organic spirulina powder for food processing:
A variety of foods have been developed by using spirulina, all of which are made by adding dried powder or extract of spirulina to conventional foods or beverages
For medical research:
The content of fatty acids in spirulina is low, and the unsaturated fatty acids which are very beneficial to human body account for a large proportion. Spirulina is rich in a variety of bioactive ingredients, such as 尾- Carotene, phycobiliprotein 纬- Linolenic acid and endogenous enzymes are very beneficial to human health
Used as feed additive:
Some researchers reported the application of this new green feed additive in aquaculture and animal husbandry. The results showed that the growth performance of Penaeus vannamei could be improved by adding 4% spirulina okra powder. It is reported that spirulina can improve the performance of piglets
Used as bioenergy:
It is found that spirulina, compared with other biological hydrogen producing materials, has the characteristics of high photosynthesis efficiency, fast growth and reproduction, high hydrogenase activity, and long duration of hydrogen release. It is one of the ideal materials for studying biological hydrogen release
For environmental protection:
Spirulina needs to absorb and consume nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients in the water environment and degrade organic matters in the water during its growth and reproduction, and has the characteristics of fast growth and reproduction, high light efficiency and strong adaptability. Therefore, using spirulina for wastewater treatment is a good biological pollution control measure

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7.See the science:
Spirulina (dietary supplement), a cyanobacterium product and biomass that can be consumed by humans and other animals
Arthrospira, a genus of cyanobacteria closely related to Spirulina
Spirulina (genus), a genus of cyanobacterium
Spirulina (suborder), a group of cephalopods

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