Custom Countertop Spice Rack Introduction
Multi-layer storage is an important way to achieve larger storage capacity. The Lazy Susan Spice Rack is a storage rack with a double-layer structure. Two bamboo panels are connected by three brackets, and the overall structure is very stable. The center of the partition is slightly recessed than the outer ring, which can play a certain protective role. Some bottles are not so easy to drop when they are on the edge of the disc. In addition, our products use natural bamboo instead of MDF, so they are more environmentally friendly, and they are also very durable and not easy to deform.
The Lazy Susan Spice Rack has a swivel design so you can easily access items in every position.
Our products are carefully sanded so they feel smooth and free from burrs.
Its installation is very easy, mainly divided into four steps, so it can save time.
Humidity monitoring equipment can make the moisture content of our products more stable, so the quality of the finished product is also more stable.
Product NameLazy Susan Spice Rack
UseSpice jars organization
Package1pcs in box, 10pcs in carton
Delivery time7days for moq,30days for 500 more
Delivery PortShanghai/Ningbo
Sample time2days(1pc is free)
Location of originAnji, china.
Other nameSpice rack restaurant
Revolving spice organizers
Rotary spice rackCustom Countertop Spice Rack