China Silicon Manganese Alloy factory Silicon manganese nodulizer is a kind of spheroidal graphite cast iron obtained by adding silicon manganese alloy to molten iron. Its main components are spheroidizing elements, such as magnesium, cerium, calcium, etc. As one of the commonly used spheroidizing agents, it is mainly used in cast iron and forging industries. This product plays an important role in promoting the production of nodular cast iron because it can expand the use range of pig iron and improve the performance and quality of nodular cast iron castings. Silicon聽manganese nodulizer has high cost efficiency.
1) Strong spheroidizing ability;
2) Stable composition;
3) Steady reaction;
4) No recession worries.
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Anyang Jinrong Metallurgical Co., located in anyang, the historical and cultural capital of China.For many years, we have been engaged in the sale of silicon metal for aluminum plant, silicon metal for chemical industry, metallurgical auxiliary materials for steelmaking and refractory materials.
We have one workshop with production capacity of 100,000 tons per year.Our company has a team of professional foreign trade experts who have been long-term engaged in import&export business with their comprehensive knowledge, diligence and vigour.
Our main products: metal silicon, ferrosilicon, metal silicon powder, silicon carbide, electrolytic manganese, silicon slag silicon alloy, ferrochrome, cored wire, etcChina Silicon Manganese Alloy factory