Geological Drill Bits Product Advantages
A. Using super coarse grain cemented carbide as raw material and 100% alloy after pressure sintering, the hardness and toughness of the drill bit can be increased by 30% simultaneously
B. Unique design, drilling speed increased by 20%, life increased by 30%
C. The bit is made of imported high-quality steel to ensure the consistent overall performance of the bit and the trouser body
D. Industry-leading after-sales support, 100% return and replacement of defective products
It is mainly used in underground mining, open-pit mining, blast furnace opening of steel works, secondary crushing of mines, bolting support, tunneling and other fields.
Q1:Is it all right to make customer's own brand name?
A1:Yes, we can provide customized services for customers, and we can make their own brand names.
Q2:Are you a manufactuer or trading company?
A2:We are a manufacturer.Geological Drill Bits