Weigh Filling Machine factory Main Features
1. The system adopts weighing type filling with high measuring accuracy and is not affected by materials.
2. It adopts frequency conversion speed control to feed the material, the speed is first slow, then fast, the slow to ensure the filling accuracy while maximizing the filling efficiency.
3. The measurement range is large, and the measurement error is between plus or minus 10 grams per barrel. (Calculated by 18L).
4. The filling head adopts a vacuum suction and anti-drip device, and the filled material has no bubbles, and the effect is good.
5. Using world-renowned brands of electrical and pneumatic components, the failure rate is low, the performance is stable and reliable, and the service life is long.
Main Structure and Working Principle
The computerized quantitative filling machine is composed of feeding system, weighing system, frame, pneumatic control, control system, and non-powered raceway.
Feeding method: continuous and stable feeding is required (using feed pump or hopper for pressurized feeding).
Filling method: ordinary conventional filling and lifting submerged filling (choose when ordering according to needs).
The end of the filling process adopts a frequency conversion deceleration system, which automatically decelerates when it is close to the quantitative value to prevent overflow and ensure accuracy.
Adopt vacuum suction and anti-drip filling nozzle to prevent material from dripping.
The weighing bracket, sensor, weighing platform, non-powered roller and frame support.
The weighing platform is not allowed to be subjected to additional external forces during use.
Technical Parameters
Model: CD-QZD weighing filling machine
Power: 2.2KW
Filling Volume: 20-40KG
Number of Filling Heads: 2 heads
Production Capacity: 80-120 barrels/hour (calculated by 20 liters)
Weight: 180KG
Filling Accuracy: 鈮?.5%
Dimensions: 900脳700脳1600 (length脳width脳height)Weigh Filling Machine factory