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The Gravity feed sandblasting gun can be used with a variety of sandblasting media, such as sand, alumina abrasive, beads, soda water or high-quality walnut shells. It can spray high-speed media particles, which can quickly remove raw edges, rusting details, corrosion and scale. The machine is equipped with an integrated handle, safe and ventilated water tank, alumina ceramic nozzle and adjustable material control valve, which can accurately measure the sand flow. The hand-held handle is ergonomic, lightweight and easy to carry, which makes the Gravity feed sandblasting gun suitable for industrial heavy-duty work and household appliances maintenance. In addition, when using this product, you must wear gloves, goggles and other equipment to ensure safe operation.
Product Information
Model No.: V641
Operating Pressure: 3-8bar
Sand Consumption: 650-800g/min - 100mesh sand
Fitting Size: 1/4 NPT
Container Capacity: 900ml
Dimension: 355*440*109mm
Nozzle Size: 5mm
Production details
Unique gravity feed design
Unique gravity feed design forces the particles into a replaceable hardened steel mixing chamber & passes through a ceramic nozzle.
Adjustable knob
The blasters adjustable control valve allows you to have precise control over material flow depending on the needs, plus the included air regulator with gauge will provide precise adjust of the blasters incoming air flow.
Easy to use
Perfect for all your small to medium size sand blasting jobs!
High Performance
Product Function
Silicon Carbide Grit
Garnet Grit
Steel Grit
Steel Shot
Glass Bead
Black Beauty Grit
Stainless Steel Shot
Glass/Aluminum Oxide
Ground Glass
Walnut Shells
Corn Cob
Plastic Grit
Baking Soda
CE Certificate of Product
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