Organic Fruit & Vegetable Juice Powder factory 1.What is organic wolfberry juice powder?
Organic goji berry juice powder is made of high-quality wolfberry as raw material and processed by spray drying technology. All the nutrients in the wolfberry fruit are kept to the maximum extent. Contains carotene, betaine, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. It has the pharmacological effects of increasing the activity of white blood cells and promoting the regeneration of liver cells. Modern pharmacological experiments have shown that wolfberry has the ability to enhance the body's immunity function, inhibit tumor, lower blood sugar, lower blood fat, anti-fatigue and other functional effects.
Lycium barbarum is the mature fruit of Lycium barbarum of the Solanaceae plant. Harvest the fruit when it is ripe in summer and autumn, remove the stalk, put it in a cool place to dry until the skin becomes wrinkled, and then expose to the sun until the skin is dry and hard, and the flesh is soft. In case of rainy weather, it can be dried with low heat. It grows on hillsides, ridges, or hilly areas, and is distributed in most parts of the country.

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3.What is the main function of organic wolfberry juice powder ?
1. Tonifying the kidney and strengthening yang: Lycium barbarum powder has the effect of tonifying the kidney, and has a good effect on low back pain caused by kidney deficiency in men. The method of taking wolfberry for men can invigorate the kidney and strengthen yang, improve sexual performance, and wolfberry powder can be used as a medicine or food supplement.
2. Improve eyesight: Lycium barbarum powder contains a lot of vitamin A, which can protect eyesight, because this substance is a component of visual cells. Often work on the computer, or often look at the mobile phone and lose, you can eat more wolfberry powder to improve eyesight.
3. Delay organ aging: The content of vitamin C in wolfberry powder is very rich, even higher than that in oranges. It is a strong antioxidant that can reduce oxidation reactions and prevent aging of internal organs caused by oxidation. For middle-aged and elderly people, wolfberry powder is easier to digest and can significantly slow down the signs of organ decline.
4. Can prevent insomnia
Lycium barbarum powder has nourishing effect. Regular consumption of wolfberry powder can improve physical fitness, calm the nerves and promote sleep. People who often suffer from insomnia due to irregular life or excessive stress can eat more wolfberry powder to prevent insomnia and improve their sleep quality. In this way, you will be more energetic the next day, and your work and study will be more efficient.

4 How do you use organic wolfberry juice powder?
1. Organic goji berry juice powder can soak in water; the simplest and rude way to eat, you need to pay attention to the water temperature not too high, so as to absorb nutrients.
2. Mix with milk; add some wolfberry powder into the milk to enhance the taste and absorb it better.
3. Cook the porridge; when the porridge is ready to serve, add some wolfberry powder and stir evenly, it is delicious and nutritious. Wash the black rice, soak it in cold water for an hour, remove it, and drain the water. Peel the yam, scrape and wash it, and cut it into small cubes for later use. Goji berry powder is brewed with warm water and set aside. Add 1500 ml of cold water to the pot, add black rice, oats, yam, lotus seeds, walnuts, and wolfberry powder, bring to a boil over high heat, turn to low heat and simmer until soft and rotten. When eating, appropriate amount of red dates, white sugar and honey.
4. Make soup; put some wolfberry powder in the soup to increase nutrition and taste.
5. Soak in wine; when soaking medicinal materials in white wine, you can add some wolfberry powder to enhance the effect of health preservation.

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