Customized Slitting Machine Our company adopts a standardized production process, from production research and development, quality inspection, to after-sales service, there is a complete set of processes to ensure that we can provide our customers with high-quality Roll Paper Slitting Machine and considerate services. Our company has always maintained excellent quality, preferential prices and professional production and service team, dedicated to providing you with service. We always believe that the prosperity of talents means the prosperity of enterprises, and the strength of talents means the strength of enterprises. The company is committed to creating classic products and using this as a carrier to give users the highest quality cultural experience.

1. The winding tension is controlled by two Sets of Siemens S120 servo, and the winding tension and the winding pressure arm pressure can be automatically controlled by taper mode, high-precision tension control software, acceleration, deceleration and stop to improve the flatness of the disk surface and the line cutting accuracy, to the international high level of multi-point stop function, convenient material receiving.
2.Man-machine interface with formula function, a variety of products set parameters memory function, one button setting convenient operation.
Size 600 series 800 series 1000 series 1200 series
Max. Slitting width 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Max. Width of unwind 800mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Max. Width of rewind 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm
Max. Slitting speed 520mm 300m/min 300m/min 300m/min
Max. Mechanical speed 550m/min 350m/min 350m/min 350m/min
Slitting precision 卤0.03mm 卤0.03mm 卤0.03mm 卤0.03mm
End surface evenness 鈮ぢ?.05mm 鈮ぢ?.05mm 鈮ぢ?.05mm 鈮ぢ?.05mm
Substrate 25-120g/銕? 25-120g/銕? 25-120g/銕? 25-120g/銕?
Unwind motor power 7.5KW 7.5KW 11KW 18.5KW
Rewind motor power 3脳2KW 4脳2KW 5脳2KW 6脳2KW
Main driver motor power 3KW 4KW 5.KW 7.5KW
Total weight 4000kg 4200kg 5000kg 5500kg
Machine size锛坢m锛? 3000脳2100脳1500 3000脳2300脳1500 3000脳2500脳1500 3000脳2700脳1500

Q: Is there any deviation correction equipment installed?
A:Yes, we have installed the German BST correction equipment.
Q: What are the blades like?
A: Cutting using upper and lower round knife, upper diameter蠁105mm, lower diameter 蠁80mm, round knife material for alloy tool steel 9SiCr, heat treatment hardness HRC58-62 .

1. Warranty period 锛?br/>
The equipment is guaranteed free of charge for one year of lifetime maintenance.
2. After the equipment is sold, special personnel will be sent to install and debug the equipment until it passes acceptance.锛圫pecial treatment during the coronavirus锛?
3. Provide lifelong spare parts and free technical consultation.
4. Waiver of warranty
For the new following reasons caused by machine failure, abnormal work or damage, our company does not undertake free warranty obligations, please choose paid service.
1. When your machine is out of warranty.
2.When you do not use and maintain the machine according to the instructions or man-made damage.
3.Natural disasters and other force majeure (such as earthquake fire, etc.) causes.

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