China Bakelite Board factory We not only produce insulating boards, but also can cut them into various sizes and process them into insulating parts of various shapes for customers. Our company has different types of CNC machines and grinding machines, which can make various high-precision insulating parts. 聽 Product description Bakelite sheet is the combination of hard and high density material and impregnated paper using phenolic resin or fiber glass cloth and pressed under heat and pressure. This industrial laminate normally consists of fiber paper, cotton fabric, chemical fiber yarn and fiber glass, etc. When specific heat and pressure are applied to these layers, a chemical reaction combines the layers into a high-pressure thermosetting plastic. 聽 We can also provide CNC machining service as your requirement, such as engraving and cutting. 1. Parts for chemical equipment and general machinery. 2. Base plate, support and guard panel for electric generator. 3. Insulating parts for transformer, inverter, electric motor, distribution box, fixture board material, clamp plate for molds, high and low voltage wiring closet, as well as packaging machine. 4. Mechanical mold, fixture material for PCB (printed circuit board) and ICT (in-circuit test), as well as forming machine, drilling machine and base plate for grinding, etc. 聽 Packaging & delivery Pallet or according to customer requirement 聽 Port Ningbo/Shanghai 聽China Bakelite Board factory website: