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Who knew that the tip of the knife seemed to be stabbed on a stone surface, but Hong Hanmin still had a fake smile on his face and seemed to have no feeling at all. Li Xunhuan's eyes flashed, his hands stopped, the coward was invulnerable, and Li Xunhuan was not surprised. Instead, he smiled and said, "You've been in Jianghu for a long time." Hong Han-min did not expect that he would suddenly ask this question. He was stunned and said with a smile, "It's been twenty years." Li Xunhuan said, "Then you should know that there are several magical treasures in Jianghu. Although few people can really see these treasures, they have been said for many years. One of them is.." Staring at Hong Hanmin, he said, "It's golden armor. It's said to be invulnerable. Since you've been in Jianghu for twenty years, you should have heard of it." Hong Hanmin's face had become like a tablecloth, and he jumped up to run away. His posture was not slow, and he swept to the door, but when he was about to run out of the door, Li Xunhuan was already standing at the door. Hong Hanmin gritted his teeth, and as soon as he turned around, he untied a bright silver chain gun. The silver light spread, and the chain gun stabbed Li Xunhuan like a poisonous snake. It seemed that he had been working on the gun for at least twenty or thirty years, and with this move,teardrop pallet racking, the soft chain gun was shaken straight and pierced Li Xunhuan's throat with a strong wind. Just listen to the sound of'when ', Li Xunhuan only raised his hand, he was still holding a glass in his hand, with this glass covered the tip of the gun. Somehow, the tip of the gun did not break the glass. Li Xun laughed and said, "If someone advises me to stop drinking again in the future, I must tell him that drinking is also good, and the wine cup saved my life once.". Hong Hanmin stood there like a stone man,push back racking system, sweating like rain. "If you don't want to fight anymore," said Li Xunhuan, "you can take off your golden armor and use it as a drink. That's barely worth my two glasses of wine." Hong Hanmin said in a trembling voice, "You.." Are you really going to. "I don't really want it," said Li Xunhuan. "It's your skill to steal the bundle while I'm unprepared. But you shouldn't tell others that I took the bundle. I don't like to be wasted." "Yes," said Hong Han-min, "the burden is.. It was taken by a small man, and it was indeed gold armor in the bundle, but. But Not only was he too anxious to speak, but his tears almost burst out. Li Xunhuan said, "Gold armor is a treasure for self-defense, but what's the use of it?"? Even if you wear ten pieces of gold armor, I can still kill you with a knife. Why do you work so hard for it? He sighed and went on to say, "Of all the treasures in the world, only the virtuous can live in them. This kind of thing is not what people like you should have. If you give it to me, industrial racking systems ,industrial racking systems, maybe you can live a few more years." Hong Hanmin said, "I know I don't deserve this kind of thing, but I don't want to keep it for myself.." "Did you want to give it to someone else?" Asked Li Xunhuan? To whom? Hong Hanmin clenched his teeth and even his lips were bleeding. Li Xunhuan said leisurely, "I have a lot of ways to get people to tell the truth, but I don't like to use it, so I hope you don't force me to use it." Hong Hanmin finally sighed and said, "All right, I'll tell you." "You'd better start from the beginning," said Li Xunhuan. Hong Hanmin said thoughtfully, "Daxia Li, do you know there is a'thief 'Dai Wu?"? Master Li may not know about this little thief of the next five doors. Li Xun laughed and said, "Not only do I know this man, but I also know him. His flying skills and hand skills are not weak, and his capacity for liquor is also very good." Hong Hanmin said, "I don't know where he stole this'golden armor 'from.".
” "Oh?" Said Li Xunhuan? So how did it get into your hands? Hong Hanmin said, "He and Zhuge Lei were old friends, too. We met him in Zhangjiakou and drank together. When he was drunk, he bragged about his golden armor. Zhuge Lei was jealous and.." Just.. Li Xunhuan said with a straight face, "Since you can do such a shameless thing, are you still embarrassed to say it?" Hong Hanmin hung his head and said with a sigh, "Dai Wu knows that this golden armor is a treasure that everyone in Jianghu wants to get now. Since he has this thing, he shouldn't be drunk." Li Xunhuan said coldly, "It's not that he shouldn't drink, but that he shouldn't cross friends." Hong Hanmin's pale face turned a little red. Li Xunhuan said, "Although this golden armor is known as one of the'three treasures of the martial arts world, 'in fact it's not very useful, because apart from the fact that two well-matched masters can use it when they compete with each other, most people will inevitably die when they get it. I don't understand why it suddenly becomes so eye-catching. Is there another reason for this?" "Yes," said Hong Han-min, "there is a secret.. In fact, this secret is no longer a secret, just because. As soon as he said this, the owner of the hotel came in with two pots of wine and said with a smile, "The wine has just been warmed. Let's have a drink before we talk." Li Xunhuan said with a wry smile, "If you want me to take care of your business next time, you'd better not call me that name again. When I hear these four words, I can't even drink." The glass was still in his hand. He poured a full glass and felt the smell of the wine coming to his nostrils. His face immediately brightened up again. "Good wine," he said. He drank the glass of wine and bent down to cough again. The old man sighed and took a chair to help Li Xunhuan sit down. "Coughing hurts the most," he said. "Be careful, be careful.." A smile suddenly appeared on his old face. "But this wine is specially for coughing," he said. "If you drink it, I'm sure you won't cough again." Li Xun laughed and said, "If wine can cure a cough, it's really perfect. Have a drink, too." "I won't drink," said the old man. "Why?" Asked Li Xunhuan? People who sell dumplings would rather eat steamed buns than dumplings, and people who sell wine would rather drink water than wine? "I usually drink two cups,medium duty racking," said the old man, "but.. This pot of wine is not drinkable. His glassy eyes became sharp and sly. Li Xunhuan did not seem to notice, or asked with a smile: "Why?" 。