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Product Description
The game is a 221b baker street board game, consisting of a dice, a game board, 7 metal tokens, 8 scotland yard cards game, 8 skeleton key cards game, 200 case cards game, 16 rules clues & solutions booklets, 1 solution cheeklist pad, separated by an inner tray, and packaged with a cover of heaven and earth on the outside. Suitable occasions are family gatherings, friends gatherings, schools, mensa groups, sherlockian clubs.
Product Parameters
Product name: High quality paper game board game components with token and dice and coin and instructions
Board game type:yhx-cd-005 High quality paper game board game components with token and dice and coin and instructions.Board game material:1. 300g coated paper paper
2. 157g,120 art paper
3. 1200g grey board paper
4. Special paper
Board game size:530*530mmPlace of Origin:Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Board game printing:4Color Printing (Double sided printing)Surface technology:gloss pp lamation and varnish oil
Production weight:銆€2319gPackage size320*320*65mm
Package box:Tip and bottom cover gift box.Sample time:16day
Board game test certificate:CPSIA, EN71 certificateCard packaging wayCard in box, shrink wrap
Picture Description of Board Game
Board game packaging display diagram
Back pictures of the board game
Partial board game printing effect display
Game paper board display
Game card, memo pad, table game accessories (metal pipe, metal shield, metal key, dice) display diagram
Design card of board game templates
Special paper used in board games
In the design of board game gift boxes and game boards, in order to increase the characteristics of the products, special papers are often used. Common black special papers on the back of game boards, such as black kraft paper, black embossed cloth paper, etc.
Description of specialty paper
Special paper is a kind of paper with special functions made from different fibers. The production of special paper can be made from synthetic fiber, synthetic pulp or mixed wood pulp, and modified or processed with different materials. General gift box packaging factory and a lot of special paper suppliers, they provide special paper with thousands of artistic effects. Different kinds of paper can bring different visual and tactile effects, and all kinds of colors and lines can meet the requirements of customized gift boxes. Special paper with its comfortable feel, can give people a sense of atmospheric comfort.
Although special paper is a little more expensive than other ordinary paper, the value impact it brings is worth the money. If you want to improve the quality of product packaging through printing process, special paper is a good choice. To enhance the brand image of products and enterprises.
Application of printing in board game accessories
Among the accessories of board games, such as tokens, dice, chips, and small chess pieces, these products are mostly made of plastic, acrylic, and wood, and they need to be printed with patterns. This is a process that ordinary lithography cannot do, only uv printing and Screen printing is available. It is more practical to choose UV when the quantity is small, and the cost is relatively low, but the UV printing effect will be worse and the quality is not stable. For a large number of products, the silk printing technology is relatively mature and the printing effect It will be better and the quality more stable.
What are the packaging materials for board games?
1. Carton2. Packing box3. Paper holder4. Zhenzhu cotton
5. Blister6. Sponge7. EVA8. Bubble bag
9. Thermal expansion film10. Sealing plastic bag11. Aluminum foil bag
Customized board game production process
1. Packaging box, game card layout, manual layout, game board layout, game rules typesetting
2. Plate making
3. Game card, manual, game rules, game board printing.
4. Game card, manual, game rules, game board surface processing (UV, glue, over Oil, gold, silver, etc.).
5. Outer packaging mold cutting, game board mold cutting, game card mold sub card, round Angle).
6. Binding of instructions.
7. Product molding (packaging gift box bonding molding, game board bonding molding, games Card packaging).
8. Board game accessories procurement and customization (token, chips, hourglass, dice).
9. Inner tray customization (blister, paper holder, EVA, sponge, Zhenzhu cotton)
10. Carton customization
11. Game product assembly. Product packaging.
12. Packaging.
Board game category
There are many types of board games. These types are not necessarily divided absolutely. Some games may have the characteristics of multiple types, and not all table games can be divided into a certain type.
By region
German games (German games):
Originally refers to a type of game designed in Germany. Nowadays, even if some board games are not produced in Germany, but have the characteristics of German-style table games, then these board games are also included in this category of games. Traditional German board games emphasize simple rules, relatively easy for players to get started, and no player will quit the game before the end of the game. Some large-scale German-style layout games focus on the strategic thinking of individual players, and rely on multiple conditions to achieve restriction and interaction between players. German-style table games are more suitable for family entertainment of 2 to 6 people or games with small groups of friends, so many famous family games have been born. Typical German board games include Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Power Grid, etc.
American style board games:
American model board game. Usually has a very complete theme (theme), and substitute strong role-playing elements. Emphasize the direct competition and conflict between players and players, and may cause some players to quit the game early. The American cultural atmosphere focuses on adventurous spirit, which also causes this type of game to pay more attention to the excitement of unknown things, which is why usually American table games contain a certain degree of luck. In the later period, American board games also spawned a lot of physical action games, requiring players to simulate some behaviors, and often played the role of party games in large gatherings involving multiple people. Typical American board games include Monopoly, TWISTER, Axis and Allies, etc.
Press chess
Board games
A game mechanism composed of chess pieces + chess board or simple chess pieces, focusing on the placement of chess pieces, moving methods, and mathematical models of scores to plan game rules. Representative games include: Go, Chess; follow-up works such as: iceberg, volcano, scheming, hercules, six men, insect chess, etc., more individual works such as gladiator (including regional control elements), land war chess (including war) Game elements), Rainbow Chess (including graphic transformation elements), Mr Jack, and Miao Tan Xun Xun (including logical reasoning and psychological guessing factors), etc., can still be classified in this category because of the problem of its prop platform.
Card table games
The game mechanism that uses cards as the core operation, focuses on the card size, function, score mathematical model, card library construction, hand planning and management, etc. to plan the game rules. The card individuals of subsequent works also cover collection and exchange. the concept of. Representative games include: poker, name cards, follow-up works such as: UNO, Tichu, who is the king of the bull, extreme, ancient front, territory, etc., more personalized works such as the gang fight card version (including space movement elements), monopoly Card version (including cash flow management elements), bragging (including auction and deception elements), Galactic Competition (including resource management elements), and the dark world (Gloom, including role-playing elements), etc., because of the problem of the prop platform Can be classified in this category.
By nature
Text negotiation board game
Games that rely on language negotiation or text communication, focus on benefit analysis and persuasive and deceptive effects, and are most divorced from the essential concept of "table", but because some are equipped with simple chess pieces or cards, they are still classified as table games. Representative works are: Senate, I am the big boss. More individual works such as zombie shopping malls (including space occupying elements), China towns (including regional planning, placement and collection elements), etc., can still be classified in this category because of their essential mechanism.
Graphic creative table games
Games that rely on the combination of graphics or language and text expressions focus on the understanding of graphics space, creativity and language communication, most of which require props. Representative works include: a long time ago, just a few words, mimi eyes, etc. Games with a comparative film personality, such as ghost hunting (language creative communication, containing deceptive elements), SET (including physical response elements), etc., can still be classified in this category because of their essential mechanism.
Physical manipulation table games
The game mechanism with body movements as the core includes elements such as simulation, reaction, and extreme challenge. Representative works include: Twist Music, You Are a Robot, Trick or Treating Master, Wanted, Century Architect, Balance Angel, etc. The latest domestically launched "Conveyor Sushi" also belongs to this category.
Layout strategy board game
A large category, the word strategy with a wide meaning includes common resource management, operation, cash flow, regional planning/control, psychological estimation, logical reasoning, etc. The system operation of the strategy is mainly realized through the layout and a variety of props. And integrity. Representative works include: Catan Island, Manila, Puerto Rico, Power Plant, Mesopotamia, Small World, Crossing the Times (Historical Wheel), Cold War and other German-style board games. What should be noted is the distinction from war games.
War table games
A simulated war game that operates on a large-scale territory or even a sand table, and includes participation of many arms. There are comprehensive manifestations of a variety of strategies, and the rules must involve specific units' actions, capabilities, etc., and have a clear regional concept. Representative works include: Warhammer, The Way of War, and StarCraft. Some transitional products with simplified structure and game time, such as "Game of Thrones Board Edition", are edge products of this type.
Tabletop role-playing games
This type of game also contains a large number of elements, but the most important thing is that it has a fixed core plot, which may be different from game to game; it has a game role that can be nested and grown for players to play and operate. Table role-playing games deal with real personal behaviors, and the results of various encounters depend on the actions of the players, the style of the arbiter, and the random number procedure performed with dice. Representative games include Chainmail, Dungeons and Dragons, Warcraft Battle Edition, etc. Some simplified games such as "Little White Century" belong to such derivative products.Board Game price