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※ ※ ※ His mouth was full of rice grains, and there was no room to speak, but Yan Kang was still trying to squeeze out words that were not easy to identify, for fear that his cousin would not understand how thrilling the afternoon process was. Brother, you don't know how critical the situation was at that time. Although it was a disaster for that young lady, she was able to get away with it. It was simply God's blessing! A hooligan was pinched in the foot, one rushed to hit the wall, and finally all fainted, so that the police came to catch the bad guys effortlessly, it was so handsome! According to our family's experience of being pressed for debt over the years, the chances of such a good thing happening are zero. Don't you think she's very lucky? Yan Yan at the other end of the table listened and answered absently. "Well, it's lucky.." I'm afraid the people who only think about those underground banks will come to harass them again. This place is no longer suitable for living. What should we do? It was not easy for Yan Kang to be admitted to a university in Taipei. There was no reason for him not to take him in. After all, it was not easy to strive for the best in a difficult environment. In any case, he had to protect him. The older generation indulged in family entertainment and was heavily in debt, which dragged down the younger generation and made them suffer a lot. The relatives of the Yan family, who originally belonged to a small local rich family, all became third-class poor people. Many of them dared to borrow money from underground banks, as if they were possessed by leeches. They could no longer have peace in their lives, and the interest was rolling more and more. In this life,plastic pallet crates, don't dream of finishing one day-Yan Kang's parents are the representatives of this. Now the mother is nowhere to be found, the father is hiding from debts everywhere, and occasionally he comes home and throws a few thousand yuan to his three sons who are dependent on others, asking them to take care of themselves and ask their cousins for help when they have something to do, so they don't have to contact them. Thanks to the honest and simple nature of the Yankang brothers, they would have degenerated into the underworld with this excuse. It is not easy to live in Taipei. Yankang, who was struggling to earn his own three meals,plastic pallet price, had two work-study jobs and could barely keep up with the tuition fees of his three brothers, thanks to the help of his cousins in terms of food and accommodation. Now that he has come to Taipei, he has naturally been taken under the wing of Yan Yan's cousin and saved a lot of money! In this way, Yan Kang can at least go to school and work at ease. To have a tile to cover oneself is very happy, no one will care that the house is old, leaking, almost crumbling, and located in an area where security is not very good. "Ah Kang, you said that the people from the underground bank were taken away by the police. What charges were they arrested for?" Yan Yan asked. "Probably breaking into people's homes, threatening them, or something like that." "It looks like we'll have to move soon." He pondered. Yes. For fear that they might come again. After being chased by underground banks for so many years, Yan Kang has long understood the importance of moving quickly to avoid debts. It doesn't matter if he is beaten, but it's not good if he implicates his cousin. Yan Yan nodded, thinking of the lucky young lady in his cousin's mouth, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet crates, and could not help worrying: "Those people must have listed that young lady as harassing, too. Morally, we have to remind her." "Yes, she is very beautiful. Those bad guys will come to her again." Yan Yan wanted to think, stood up and said: "I'll go and visit her, and you can go to bed early after dinner." All right. By the way, she lives in family C. Yan Yan nodded and went out. In the old stairwell, there was only one five-candle light, which could not drive away the darkness, but the little light source seemed to be swallowed up by the night at any time. Six thousand yuan a month rent, can not ask for more. A cockroach fled from his feet in confusion, and a few geckos howled on the ceiling, as if they were demonstrating against the mosquitoes that were looking for food everywhere, while the mosquitoes were staring at Yan Yan's young and delicious blood. His eyebrows did not even move, and his open pace stopped in front of the C door. It's half past nine in the evening, and it shouldn't be rude to visit at this time. Hold down the electric button, once, twice, quietly. He raised his eyebrows slightly, not surprisingly. There were too many unusable things in the apartment. How could he expect that the electricity supply would be lucky to escape the fate of failure? "Knock, knock." At this point, what can achieve the effect is knocking on the door.
About ten seconds later, just as he was considering whether to knock again, a gentle inquiry came from inside: "Who is it?" Good. The young lady, with the care of a single woman living alone, did not open the door. Yan Yan's eyes flashed a touch of approval. Open the mouth: "Hello, I'm a resident of 4B. My name is Yan." "What's up?" There was still no movement at the door, and the voice at the other end was still cold and polite, and indifferent. It seemed that he had to save all unnecessary pleasantries, so he said bluntly: I'm sorry that I got you into trouble this noon and frightened you.. I was referring to the case of the hooligans coming up to make trouble. The other end did not make a sound, as if waiting patiently for him to get to the point. Of course, it is also possible that he has already stopped standing behind the door and turned away. He spoke again: I think those people will certainly make trouble again. So if you can find another place to stay soon- —」 The door opened without warning and stopped him talking. It was a beautiful woman, a beautiful woman who was as dewy and white as a Japanese porcelain doll and was carrying a piece of luggage. Yes, Yan Kang said that this young lady is very beautiful-although Yan Kang's concept of beauty and ugliness is out of shape, which makes people sigh. But in front of this one is really a rare beauty, is by no means the kind of ordinary comely posture can be compared. Even the well-informed Yan Yan was so frightened that he temporarily lost his language ability for a while. Shan Yehui did not expect to see such a man in such a poor apartment, which was equal to the ruins, so she did not open her mouth for a while. This kind of man, one sees at a glance, must be someone who works in a good company and is full of fighting spirit and ambition for his future life. He also pursues a certain taste in life, which is called "urban yuppie" for short. You can't go wrong. She's seen a lot of these people. So, why does he haunt a place like this? She was puzzled, so there was a slight curiosity about him in her heart. After the absence,ibc spill containment pallet, Yan Yan also puzzled, such a delicate beauty, how can appear in such a place? She knew at a glance that she came from a good family.