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In Chu Yueyue home to eat and sleep, sleep and eat, carefully break the fingers down, the summer vacation is only half over. As for Kehao's girlfriend, he wanted to open his mouth several times and swallowed the words as soon as he saw Chu Yueyue's innocent face. Is Mo Jingshui an old witch who brings pain to others? No. Chu Yueyue must have said, it's all right, as long as Kehao is happy. But behind the scenes, the little stubborn man did not know how sad he would be. Chu Yueyue goes to the street park every weekend to meet a so-called good friend. I took her by the arm and said, "Don't go. Maybe an old witch will take you to make a human pie." "I've already told her that I can't break the appointment. I know you're bored. Watch TV with my mother at home." "Maybe it's a man you're meeting!" "How dare you, a wicked ghost, suspect me when I live and eat for free? Are you afraid that I will drive you out?" I immediately like a deflated ball like lying on the bed: "How to do ah Yueyue, I have no place to go, I can only rely on you." Chu Yueyue's face quickly collapsed: "Mo Jingshui, do you tell the truth?"? What happened when you went on a trip? You don't even answer Kehao's phone. What's the matter with you? Verse 63: The Wandering City (63) "Nothing." I buried my head in the quilt. Through the quilt,uns c70600, I heard Chu Yueyue's cell phone ringing again. Chu Yueyue pulled me out of the quilt nervously: "What should I do? It's Kehao again." "Answer, no matter how he asks, he says he hasn't seen me." "But." "No buts, Chu Yueyue did nothing to save me and I broke up with you!" Chu Yueyue pressed the answer button with an expression that I was going to be killed by you: "Hey-Kehao-what a coincidence to meet you here." What is she talking about? Meet you here? I grabbed my neck with both hands, and Chu Yueyue laughed awkwardly: "Ah?"? No, I haven't seen her. Well,uns c68700, that's right. She might go to the amusement park for a few days? Uh? Play for a few days? Where do I sleep? Pigs know it's impossible! Chu Yueyue was silent for a moment and said, "Mo Jingshui.." It's a pig. What? I'm a pig? Chu Yueyue, did you take the wrong medicine? I stared at Chu Yueyue and hung up the phone awkwardly. She quickly ran behind the door and picked up her small schoolbag and said, "Well, I'm going out. You can watch TV at home. That's it." Then the whole person rushed out of the door like an invincible little superman. What? Disappointed, I faced a closed door with a string of sour bubbles in my heart. Chu Yueyue, you are a guy who likes the new and hates the old. You don't want old friends when you have new friends. The TV in the living room was turned on very loudly, and the exaggerated acting of the heroine in the Korean drama made Chu's mother laugh. Seeing me coming out of the house, Chu's mother called me over with a smile: "Jing Shui, watch a good TV series with my aunt." "Oh, uns s31803 sheet ,x60 line pipe, aunt, I went out with my friends first." "Well, be careful to cross the road." Be careful to cross the road. Why do all the mothers in the world like to say this. Oasis Garden is really a luxurious community. Rich people in the city like to buy houses here. A newspaper described that throwing two bricks in Oasis Garden can hit three millionaires. I was walking happily, and suddenly the key ring in my hand threw out a beautiful parabola and flew in an unknown direction. "Uh.." A short, hurried groan. God, it can't be so coincidental that a bunch of keys can hit a millionaire. Heard that rich people are very difficult to deal with, broken fingers will seek compensation from the insurance company, the rich man's head is more expensive than the golden egg, I can not afford to sell ah. I bowed my head and apologized repeatedly: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." "Well, it doesn't matter." The voice was familiar, and a white hand was stretched out in front of me, with my key lying in the palm. I immediately grabbed the key and took a big step back. Wei Jingshi, why do you go so far? Have you seen too many American blockbusters? Can you still follow? Can't you understand Chinese? I don't want to see you again. You have a thicker skin than me. Wei Jingshi stood in front of me with an innocent expression: "I didn't follow him." "Yes." I folded my arms in a funny way. "It's understandable that I didn't lie once or twice anyway.".
” "Kehao." Verse 64: The Wandering City (64) "Kehao?" My nostrils almost raised to the sky: "This is the end of the matter between you and me. Don't harass my brother even if you have done a good deed. Goodbye!" I made an ugly face at him and turned to go. Kehao. I gasped and felt my insides and lungs were cold. Kehao was standing behind me, his flaxen hair gathered together, his clothes dirty and messy, and his eyes staring at me empty. Sister, go home. "How did you know I was here?" "I knew you would come to Chu Yueyue if you didn't have anywhere else to go, and I knew you wouldn't let her tell me you were here, so I told her that if Mo Jingshui was in your house, you would say that Mo Jingshui was a pig." Mo Kehao said that his face was not red and his heart was not beating. My heart was even more disappointed. I was really a pig. I should have thought of this kind of Mo Kehao's hint long ago. I shook my head with a wry smile. "Mo Kehao, do you still have the face to let me go back?"? It's not my home anymore? There are no parents at home, now, even the younger brother is not the original brother, such a home, what do I go back to do? But Hao was so determined that he pulled me up and left without saying a word. "Sister, if you have anything to say at home, it's not good to say it in front of outsiders." I threw away angrily: "Do you also know bad?"? Do you still treat me as a sister? If you treat me as a sister, you will never have anything to do with her again. "Sister, believe me, I will solve it in a few days." "Believe?" I really want to laugh at the sky, everyone tells me these two words,uns s32760 plate, every time I will unconditionally believe, and always get a pile of drug-like memories: "I do not believe!"! You can make a girlfriend with a riff-raff, and so can I. 。