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Made of stainless steel,Woven Wire Mesh JY1705 is durable and recyclable. With 41% open area, it can make the interior room which is decorated it bright. The design follows the idea of environment protection and energy saving.

Woven Wire Mesh JY1705 is extremely versatile for fencing and enclosure projects. Thousands of patterns are available in a multitude of sizes, scales, and raw materials to fit any requirement from simple to complex. Any woven wire mesh pattern or wire spacing can be customized to fit your project. Woven Wire Mesh can either allow for openness and uninterrupted sight lines, or it can obscure and seclude areas, depending on the needs of the designer. Complete versatility combined with a wide range of patterns to fit every budget, wire mesh for fences or enclosures is a logical, cost-effective choice.

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Once you need Woven Wire Mesh, you can contact us, we not only supply high quality Woven Wire Mesh but also supply mesh install system, and we can help you deepen the designs. If you are not satisfied enough,with our range, our engineering team will work with you to create something truly unique. We always fight for the goal of From Idea to Reality鈥? Choosing JOYA wire Mesh will be your good choice when meeting the Woven Wire Mesh project, we are just waiting your here.Flexible Mesh suppliers