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Place of Origin: Henan, China
Feature: Stocked
product name: 1 1/4"x 60ft Sectional Drain Cable with Carrier
Usage: drain cleaning
Length: 18.4m
Color: Black

60 Feet of 1 1/4" Cable
Standard all-purpose open wind
Excellent flexibility
Comes with Cable Carrier
For Drain Lines 2" to 8"
Dredge the use of spring
First of all, the water pipe in the home is blocked, and we need to ask someone to find something to open it.The use of electric pipe dredge machine, is my sample will be special dredge spring through the pipe dredge machine, and then into the position of the pipe plug, turn on the power, press down the pressure handle to tighten the spring, through dredge spring in the pipeline gradually forward rotation to dredge the blocked pipe.
Then the electric pipeline dredge machine one in and one out of two mouth.The one with a small hole at the top of one end of the newly opened dredging machine is the inlet, the small hole is used to hang the roller, and the hole is the inlet of the dredging spring.Opposite is outlet, the knob above is automatic send dredge spring, pull up for manual, press down for automatic, do not use automatic under normal circumstances, so easy to encounter resistance when rotating and twist the spring.
Type 100 and type 80 have exactly the same internal structure.Are equipped with and use 16mm and 8mm thickness two different dredge spring.8mm spring is installed inside the drum, is to buckle the pipe dredge machine used, because the two spring is the only in and out of the dredge machine channel, so can not be used at the same time.
When using 8mm thin spring inside the drum, do not use automatic head, dredge the spring in and out by manual hand from hanging on the machine in the drum of the free pull out or advance on the line.But do not pull the whole spring out of the roller.So, the spring inside actually drum suits at most the lavabo that dredge 2 meters or so distance returns water to bend and closestool.
When using a 16mm spring in an iron basket, it is necessary to remove the roller hanging on the machine.Put the spring through the inlet of the original hanging drum, through the outlet with the automatic head, install the upper cutting head and then reach into the position of the blocked sewer pipe for dredging.As the whole dredge spring connected together will turn after the machine is started, it is important to remember not to put half of the dredge spring installed in the machine and half in the iron basket.According to the normal procedure, according to the length of dredging need to dredge the dredge outside the entrance of the dredge machine extension dredge spring, need how long to connect, considering that the household dredge machine is generally only equipped with 12 meters dredge spring.So you just take the whole dredge spring out of the basket when you start the machine.
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