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Product Features
Solid solution of dyestuffs in thermosetting resin, intense fluorescent, excellent brightness and color strength, recommended for a wide range of applications where resistance to strong solvents in not essential.
Main Technical Standards
(Q/RWH 101-2017)
Shade: 鈻矱鈮?
Tinting strength: 100卤3%
Oil absorption: 鈮?5%
Average particle size: 鈮?渭m
Heat resistance: 130鈩?/p>
Softening point: 鈮?25鈩?/p>
Bulk density: 0.6g/m鲁
Hegman grade: 鈮?
PH value: 5~7
Textile printing color paste, water-based coatings, paper coatings, water based and nonpolar solvent based paints.
Composite paper bag lined with PE film
NW: 25kg GW: 25.2kg L: 85cm W: 55cm H: 15cm
Export Packing
20 bags/carton/wooden pallet
NW: 500kg GW: 520kg L: 115cm W: 115cm H: 120cm
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Additional Information
The so-called water-based ink is mainly made of water as a solvent through scientific processing. Compared with other printing inks, water-based ink does not contain volatile toxic organic solvents, so it has no adverse effects on the health of the printing press operators in the printing process, no pollution to the atmospheric environment, and no pollution to the printed matter itself. Because ink has the characteristics of non-inflammable, it can also eliminate the hidden danger of inflammable and explosive in the printing workshop, which is conducive to safe production.Of course, now ink and ink is not the same scope of application, ink to offset printing, ink Flexo printing, gravure printing. In Europe, America and Japan and other developed countries, ink has gradually replaced ink, become in addition to offset printing other printing methods of special ink. In the United States, for example, 95 percent of flexographic printing USES ink, and 80 percent of gravure printing USES ink. The ink widely used in foreign countries in addition to environmental protection, its performance is also very superior: ink color stability, high brightness, strong coloring force, non-corrosive plate, after printing adhesion, drying speed adjustable, water resistance, four-color overprint and spot color printing can be used, and so on. The development and application of ink painting in China started late, but the development is very fast, especially in recent years is the rapid development of exponentially. With the increasing demand for ink, domestic ink quality The volume has also increased. In the traditional sense of ink drying slow, poor luster, water resistance, imprints and other shortcomings, has been significantly improved. In the case of high import ink generally, cheap domestic ink has gradually occupied the market.Paper Coloring factory