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Automatic pellet production line introduction
Huaqiang is special in feed making machine, Automatic pellet production line is our main products. This pet food line, could produce all kinds of animal feed like: dog feed, fish feed, monkey feed, cat feed, fox changing the mold and raw material. And all stainless steel materials, automatic production line. Can produce variety of products, a variety of shapes. Machine self-cleaning system, to ensure food hygiene, to ensure that the factory clean without dust.
Computer control
1.Material feeding 2.Grinding process 3.Batching process
4.Mixing process 5.Pellitizing process6.Cooling process
7.Crushing process 8.Sifiting process 9.Packing process
Detail parts display( the machine can sell separately)
1.Raw materials cleaning system
Main equipment: elevator, dust collector, precleaner ,permanent magnet drum,ect.
Raw material: soybeans, peanuts,rice husks, corn.ect;
2.Grinding system:
Main equipment: hammer mill, elevator, precleaner ,permanent magnet
3.Mixing batching system:
Main equipment: mixer, dust collector, rotary distributor
4.Pellet making system:
Main equipment :pellet machine, crusher, cooler, rotary screen, ect.
5.Packing system:
Main equipment: packing scale, sewing machine
About our Company
Wuxi Huaqiang feed machinery is specialized in manufacturing feed machinery, design feed production line, installation and debugging. Actively carries on technical cooperation with many graduate schools and colleges, produces a series feed machinery products with high standard.
Huaqiang has experienced, high quality design, production and installation troops, which can design and manufacture each kind of powder material, premix material, pellet material and special aquatic product material projects.Computer Batching Feed Production Line manufacturers