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Formaldehyde-free Fixing agent QTF-6
Chemical Composition
Cation polymer

Product Performance:
1. Can improve the reactive dyeing or printing soaping, washing, perspiration, friction, ironing, no formaldehyde fixing agent.
2. Do not affect the brilliance of dye and colored light. It is conducive to the dyeing products accurately according to the sample production.

AppearanceYellow or reddish brown transparent viscous liquid
Solid content %48±1
PH (1% water solution)3.0~6.0
*Our product could be made according to consumer’s request.

Application Method:
Fixing agent dosage depends on the fabric color shades, suggested dosage as follow:
1. Dipping: 0.2~0.5%(o.w.f)
2. Padding: 3~7g/L
If the fixing agent is applied after finishing process, then could be used with non-ionic softener, best dosage depends on test.

Packingand Storage:
It is packed in125kg plastic drum
It should be stored in a cool and dry place, at room temperature, shelf life is 12 months.
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